Home Goes Up for Sale…Then People Start Noticing What’s in the Basement [IMAGES]

1875 Victorian Home
1875 Victorian Home, Fayette, MO


  1. Oh, for heaven sake; rip out the cell structures, put up privacy walls and doors and MAKE A B&B, perfect size; might need one more bathroom – -depends on plumbing set up. Looks like there could be an additional entrance, exit on the right side of building, off the driveway. Unless it’s already designated an “historic preservation site”, it shouldn’t be a problem.

  2. 1875, wow! That’s really amazing actually that it’s still perfectly intact and preserved! I wouldn’t be that creeped out by it… Now I also wouldn’t ever go into my basement without my husband and every single light the house on either… But her a lot of people probably wouldn’t mind having that in their house!

    You could probably sell some of those original things to collectors too

  3. Am I the only one who see that the House seems to be tilted and way out of plum??? Either the picture was badly taken or the jail in the basement is not the biggest trouble the house gas

  4. If you will look closely, you will realize that the structure was erected on a hillside; the ground slopes away to the right of the picture. Compare this to houses built on the hills of San Francisco. This is not a dark and dank subterranean torture chamber. There appear to be adequately large windows to admit sunlight, although there are bars on them.
    Buildings of this type and period are typically very sturdy. Maintain the cells as a novelty. If the local authorities have a high profile prisoner or witness in protective custody, you might rent them the basement and still operate a B&B upstairs. I would wager that the metal door in the kitchen is not the only access to the basement. Typically there is an outside set of steps leading down to a separate entrance to the admitting area of such jails. If it is designated as an historic site, you can forget remodeling.
    Some parents with adult offspring still living at home might find this house an ironic solution to their children living in their basement. What makes me curious is that there is no mention of the living space involved. The nine cells and admitting area are described as occupying 2500 square feet. Something is peculiar there. The upper floors would each be the same dimensions as the basement, making this 2 bedroom, 2 bath, a 5000 square foot house. I occupy a 2 story, 4 bedroom, 2 1/2 bath, with living room, family room, and dining room, and the living space is only 1800 square feet. Something doesn’t add up. It certainly should not add up to $375,000.


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