Freshman Muslim Dem Lawmaker CHARGED! Facing Jail Time

muslim lawmaker

Another day, another Democrat busted, this time a Muslim lawmaker.

Like most of the other times, this was yet another occasion where they were caught with their hands in the cookie jar dipping into public funds. Instead of safeguarding it and stewarding it, they treated it like it was their own piggy bank.

Call it coincidence, but this time it happened to be a full-blown Muslim woman named Motiva Johnson-Harrell. She truly has some absurdly brazen allegations against her where it appears that she almost didn’t even try to hide it.

To make a long story short, she is accused of taking over $500,000 that went on to fund an extravagant lifestyle and essentially “buy” herself a legislative seat.

Indeed, the Gateway Pundit had some choice words to say regarding this fiasco. “This corrupt Democrat didn’t even serve a full year in the Philadelphia legislature and she is already resigning in shameful disgrace and facing some jail time.”

The Philadelphia Inquirer has an interesting report about this, which states that Pennsylvania State Attorney General Josh Shapiro noted that Jonson-Harrell engaged in some brazen falsifying of records, including engaging in a systematic plan to cover her crime with false record-keeping and doctoring of financial statements.

“Her theft didn’t have any boundaries,” Shapiro said in a statement after he announced that his office was going to charge the lawmaker with perjury, theft, tampering with public records and several other related crimes last Wednesday morning.


Shapiro said that Johnson-Harrell is planning to plead guilty to the charges and may face jail time. “There is going to be a guilty plea that we will need to work out and we will let you know the details of it soon.”

The Gateway Pundit also reported that these charges were “vigorous disputed” through a statement from Jonson-Harrell’s attorney.

“I am depressed and dismayed by these allegations that have been brought against me today,” She said in a statement from her attorney’s office.

“Many of these allegations generally pertain to before I had taken office. I do intend to accept responsibility if any of my actions are deemed inappropriate.”

Of course, Movita Johnson-Harrell was just barely elected just a few months ago in March. She made quite a name for herself because she attacked a devoutly Christian state lawmaker when they prayed in Jesus’ name during their swearing in ceremony, condemning it as “blatantly Islamophobic.”

She said that State Representative Stepanie Borowicz should be censured for her Christian prayer.

Well, considering that this woman has only been in office for a few months, one has to wonder what in God’s name this country is coming to?!

And no, it’s not so much what this woman’s religion is. Indeed, if we had a Muslim member of Congress who held the U.S. Constitution in high regard and believed in governing based on the rule of our country’s Judeo-Christian laws, most of us would be thrilled. If they respected everyone’s right to worship too, then by all means, run for whatever office you want!

Of course, we don’t see this happening. In actuality, the pattern appears to be something that is very worrisome. We have the example of Ms. Movita Johnson-Harrell, but we also have had some problems with Muslim congresswoman Ilhan Omar as well.

In a nutshell, both of these women have been accused of using funds they were trusted with in an improper manner. Of course, we should be fair here.

These actions are not just limited to just one Muslim lawmaker. This widespread corruption is one of the main reasons why Donald Trump has taken up residence at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue.

Simply put, our country is infected with a scourge that can only be called dishonesty. Since both parties are guilty of this terrible disease, we have no choice but to amputate the areas that have gangrene in them.

If we don’t do this, then the whole body will die, and frankly, that would be a situation that would make Detroit seem like a Sunday picnic.

The time for us to act is not yesterday, nor is it tomorrow. It is today. You must flood your social media accounts with truth everywhere. You must hurry before they ban these kids of channels in the first place and take away all of our God-given rights. Think about the world we are leaving behind for our children! Don’t let people such as this Muslim lawmaker propagate dishonesty any longer! The time to act is now.


  1. Looks like the FBI needs to start investigating a lot more around these pockets of foreign importers of crime and sedition before we get inundated with this crap. The cloak of Muslim should not be used to hide lawlessness and anti-American activities. It they want to practice those ways of life go back to your humble beginnings abroad …not here.

  2. She should be added to the Squaddies Cabal and they all need ship back to the Middle East or where ever they came from. Omar committed Immigration FRAUD. Tlaib like this BIMBO stole money via Campaign law violations. AOC is guilty of so many different things it is hard to keep track. Only one Squaddie has done nothing wrong. Well she has done NOTHING right either. In FACT NOTHING sums up what she has done.

  3. As the song says: “And another one, and another one, bites the dust!” Trash is all the democrats are and always will be! Time and time again we see it! Corruption, violence, theft, allegations of child trafficking, rape, sexual assaults, and list just keeps growing!

  4. β€œI am depressed and dismayed by these allegations that have been brought against me today, every Democrat in Office does the same thing. I’m just being singled out because I’m Muslime” She said in a statement from her attorney’s office.

  5. And why the suggestion of no jail time because she is planning on pleading guilty. All the more reason for her to spend time in jail. After all republicans have to spend time in jail for fake crimes or minor crimes. Using taxpayer money is not minor, it is major because there are an awful lot of politicians using tax payer money and getting away with it for years and when caught they still don’t serve jail time like I would if I did what they do I would go to jail period. They are afraid of the law and they need to be afraid of the law.

  6. Slime from a country bent on our destruction and global domination.

  7. We should have laws in this country that you should only be allowed to hold Goverment offices local , federal, state if you are a born citizen of the USA, Naturalized, and or your parents were born in the USA.


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