Protests Rage After Black Woman is Shot In Her Home By a White Cop


Black Woman Shot & Killed In Her Home By White Cop Sparks Protests In Fort Worth, Texas

Updated: Monday October 14, The Fort Worth police officer involved in the shooting, Aaron Dean, resigned late Monday, as outrage continues to swell. According to authorities, Dean is not cooperating with the investigation.

A neighbor of Atatiana Jefferson called a non emergency police number, and reported that the door of Jefferson’s house was opened. The neighbor wanted a welfare check up performed at the home, to make sure everything was ‘Okay’.

The neighbor James Smith said he called the number at 2 a.m. on Saturday morning. At around 2:30 a.m. Smith heard one gun shot. A responding officer wearing a body camera, used a flash light to look inside the unit.

He said he saw someone standing by the window, and ‘said show me your hands’, but did not announce that he was a police officer. He fired one shot through the window. Jefferson was playing video games with her nephew while they sat on her couch, when the officer arrived.

The nephew was in the room when his aunt Jefferson was shot and killed. First responders arrived and administered first aid to Jefferson, but she was pronounced dead at the scene.

Civil Rights Attorney Lee Merritt Is Representing the Family of Atatiana Jefferson

The officer was with the department since April of 2018 and has been placed on paid administration leave. Lee Merritt who was the attorney for the family of Botham Jean said ‘we must get to the bottom of this’.


This shooting comes only two weeks after ex Dallas police officer Amber Guyger was found guilty of shooting and killing Jean, while he was eating ice cream and watching a football game.

Guyger who lived directly above Jean in a Dallas apartment building said she thought she was in her own apartment, and Jean was an intruder. The jury sentenced her to 10 years, she will be eligible for parole in five years.

Now this shooting, 35 miles from Dallas is sparking outrage, Jefferson’s sister Amber Carr, wonders what kind of training these officers have. Carr said, “who just arrives and doesn’t announced themselves? Doesn’t say this is the police, come outside, no warning no nothing, just shoot first ask questions later”.

Neighbor James Smith Said ‘If You Don’t Feel Safe With The Police Who Do You Feel Safe With’

James Smith the neighbor who called, said ‘”there was no need for things to end this way, the door was opened since 10 p.m, I thought it was odd”. It’s unclear at this time, why James didn’t just go over to the neighbor’s house and ring the bell or inquire.

According to the police a gun was found inside the residence of Jefferson, It’s not known yet if the gun in the home played any role in the shooting. People took to the streets in Fort Worth over the weekend to protest the shooting and ‘demanding justice for Jefferson’.

Internal affairs and the Tarrant County District Attorneys offices are investigating the shooting. Furthermore, the father of Ms. Jefferson, Marquis Jefferson, said he didn’t want any hugs or prayers, he called the shooting of his daughter, “senseless”.



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