Bush Foundation Caught Red Handed Helping the Enemy While Betraying America


The Bush dynasty just got caught red handed in the middle of a modern St. Valentine’s Day massacre. The tentacle of daddy Bush’s trust foundation dedicated to appeasing China betrayed America. They did it by shipping crucially needed medical supplies straight to the people who invented the deadly bioweapon. The Bush family should have realized those supplies would soon be desperately needed here at home, but they mailed them to our potential enemy instead.

The Bush dynasty sends a double-crossing love letter

When you’re whole family has ties to Skull and Bones, you can still work for the deep state long after you’re dead. The ghost of former President George H. W. Bush sent Valentine’s Day greetings to Xi Jinping in the form of 2 million face masks urgently needed here at home, along with millions of dollars worth of other supplies. Unsurprisingly, the mainstream network media were afraid to spread the news around in America so conservatives are only learning about it now.

On February 14, China Global Television Network reported that the George H. W. Bush Foundation for U.S.-China Relations teamed up with their national counterpart, the National Committee on U.S.-China Relations, to organize “a shipment of medical supplies to China.” The U.S.-China Business Council was thankful for the supplies which included 2 million masks.

“At this critical moment, the U.S. private sector stands with and in support with the Chinese people,” USCBC Chair Evan Greenberg notes in a press statement. He stands for the Chinese but against the American people. They didn’t bother to think ahead that maybe people at home here in America might soon be running short on those same crucially needed supplies.

According to the reports, “millions of dollars in medical supplies” were shipped off “to hospitals in the Wuhan region, the outbreak’s epicenter” and rushed to the city’s hospitals. Secret bioweapon labs in Wuhan have been widely implicated as the source of the custom tailored bioweapon. Just because the escape appears to be unintentional does not mean we aren’t under an accidental “attack.” Accident or on purpose, the death and economic destruction is the same.

Bush back-room deal to back-stab America

The Bush foundation back-room deal was made possible by the Chinese People’s Association for Friendship with Foreign Countries and China Charity Federation. While humanitarian relief is a good thing, the ancient saying is that “charity begins at home.” Based on the exponentially increasing numbers, it should have been crystal clear to the Bush foundation that America was about to get hit just as hard as China and would need those masks too.

Just like here in America today, the Chinese were having difficulty getting masks. Thanks to the Bush China Foundation, a “newly established U.S.-China Coronavirus Action Network” can “swiftly arrange for the purchase and transportation of supplies for people in need.” Too bad those supplies had to be taken away from people who need them here now.

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  1. The Chinese people are a fairly respectable lot but like every country their political leaderhip tend to ruin everything else about the places. The Party tends to crush the Chinese spirit at most opportunities and the government is out to claim every unfair advantage they can get. Beware

  2. And so, if the Bush Foundation can supply 2 million masks so fast to China tripping over an ocean, why can’t the Bush Foundation supply 2 million masks for the U.S. in the same fast speed right here not having to go tripping over an ocean. Just asking.

  3. The Bushes are no different than the Obama/Clinton bunch. They have been one-worlders all the way. Any of the ultra liberal groups, they belong to them. Why our leaders from the past have been so determined to overthrow our government, I have no idea. I wish I knew.


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