High End Brothel Owner Could Be Forced to Name Names…Govt Officials, and Industry Leaders Risk Being Exposed


Just because she prefers the handle “Madame Priscilla Belle,” doesn’t mean Kink Extraordinaire is a brothel, Jessica Nesbitt insists. She even pays every penny of her taxes. The club owner is looking at a 13-count indictment that her lawyers say is totally bogus. Her business may be controversial but it’s totally legal. Not only that, Nesbitt had quite a few high profile clients and the judge may want to reconsider her request for Nesbitt to start naming names. That might not be so good for the judicial career of Judge Maria Valdez in the long run. Her little black book is full of “law enforcement and government” contacts. “Leaders in industry, government, and law, who have offered Ms. Nesbitt future employment opportunities.”

It’s not a brothel

Kink Extraordinaire isn’t a brothel, Nesbitt’s lawyers argue. Instead, the club is a “legal outlet” for fetishes, role-playing, “forced interactions” and “taboo exploration.” Along with their regular “play space,” the club specializes in “day-to-day open kinky fun,” offering services like “birthday spankings,” and “stories of erotica.” For something different you can get a little “holiday spice,” or subscribe for updates about “exclusive” play parties.” Defense attorney Barry Sheppard maintains, “there’s absolutely no evidence, whatsoever, that my client engaged in any acts of prostitution. Fetish-based eroticism is not unlawful.”

The police see the establishment a little differently. They call it a brothel. According to the indictment, from 2010 to 2017, “Nesbitt placed ads on websites such as backpage.com and eros.com offering paid sex with herself and at least six employees.” They regularly “emailed invitations” to clients advertising paid sex and fetish parties, with titillating titles like “Halloween Mischief” and “Black Tie Bizarre.” Besides the corporate headquarters for the “acts of prostitution carried out in Nesbitt’s building,” she opened branch offices “for herself and her employees to perform sex acts in California, Washington, Florida, Indiana, Nevada and Wisconsin.”

Magistrate Judge Maria Valdez didn’t mention Nesbitt’s contacts on Wednesday, when she allowed the Defendant to remain on house arrest, even though she isn’t happy with the alleged brothel owner’s chosen line of new virtual employment. “many of Ms. Nesbitt’s former clients hold positions of prestige in the community, including in law enforcement and government,” Sheppard noted in court documents. “Given the discreet nature of the topic at hand, many have expressed their reluctance to speak to anybody but Ms. Nesbitt, directly.”

Excessive interest in sexual matters

Nesbitt was back in court on Wednesday, accused of breaking the judge’s order. Judge Valdez had previously ordered Nesbitt to “avoid prurient activities while awaiting trial.” Specifically the judge told her to “get a different line of work.” Prosecutors stumbled on an ad for a similar brothel which “violated Valdez’s previous order, because it appeared to have been posted by Nesbitt.”

Nesbitt’s lawyers insist that her new teleconferencing career does not involve “having or encouraging an excessive interest in sexual matters.” The Judge countered savagely, declaring Nesbitt “clearly didn’t have a ‘sewing circle’ in mind when she posted an ad seeking ‘fetish friendly staff’ on sexyjobs.com,” even if she isn’t still trying to run a brothel.


The judge didn’t seem happy about it but backed down when Nesbitt’s lawyer, Barry Sheppard, reminded her “one man’s prurient could be another man’s traditional.” Sheppard argued convincingly that Nesbitt simply hoped to “derive passive income” from the Kink Extraordinaire building. She planned to rent out the alleged brothel for “pole fitness” showcases, recently described by the New York Times as a “hybrid of art, sport, exotic dance and fitness craze.”


The judge didn’t buy the attorney’s story but didn’t lock Nesbitt up either. She declared the violation troubling but said it wasn’t serious enough to lock the alleged brothel owner up. “I don’t think there needs to be any more said about what kind of individual she was seeking to hire. We’re not talking about a kink in an electrical line. I’d made it very clear to Ms. Nesbitt that she needed to get a whole new line of work.”


  1. Oh my goodness… what an imaginative Judge… SHE’S AWESOME.. If Ms Nesbitt would be even half as imaginative in a REAL line of work, she wouldn’t BE in trouble.

    Bravo to Judge Valdez… but holy bejebbers.. can’t she LOCK HER UP for performing LUDE and CRUDE behavior? I guess not. Dancing around pornography and other sick perverted is STILL illegal and down right SICK and offensive in most states.

  2. They don’t have a branch here in Illinois because our public officials have cornered the market. Nesbitt couldn’t compete with them.

  3. It won’t matter who uses her services the RECTUM SUCKING PUPPETS of the Democraps won’t reveal any Democraps using it.

  4. Wow ! With all those services and it isn’t a brothel . I wonder what her lawyers call it , Hmmmmm . Wait I Know , it’s , it’s a Brothel ! Of course good old Madame Percilla might just wish to call her establishment a good old fashion “Whore House”


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