Firefighters Risk Their Lives Attempting to Combat Arsonists Who Want to Destroy Entire City


Firefighters from the Minneapolis Fire Department have been risking their lives while combating arsonists who are trying to destroy the entire city. The George Floyd protest-turned-riot continued Thursday night as more buildings were ablaze as criminals prolonged the looting and arsonists targeted multiple buildings, including the 3rd Precinct, the headquarters of the four police officers involved in the death of George Floyd.

Starting in the dawn on Thursday, firefighters began the process of controlling the arson from Wednesday night’s riot. On Wednesday night, criminals gleefully descended on the unprotected businesses in Minneapolis. These individuals went on a looting spree that the nation has not seen since the 1992 Los Angeles Riots. The local Target was completely looted, as thieves loaded shopping carts. 

Besides the looting, many buildings were set on fire. A construction site, which was building a housing project, was set afire, as was the local Wendy’s, Dollar General, 7 Mile Fashion Express, AutoZone, and about twenty other businesses were torched. A few burned to the ground, like the Wendy’s, AutoZone, and  Lloyd’s Pharmacy Snelling and Minnehaha in nearby St. Paul. By Thursday morning, the firefighters had plenty of work.

More Work for Firefighters

Unfortunately for the Minneapolis firefighters, the carnage continued Thursday night. As police officers stood down, the rioters continued their criminality for a second night. Besides the normal looting, which included individuals ransacking the helpless Target throughout the entire day, more fires were set in Minneapolis, adding to the firefighters’ woes. 

However, the arsonists had one specific target, the 3rd Precinct. During the day, protesters were smashing police vehicle windows and throwing rocks at the police building. By 9:00 p.m., hundreds, if not thousands, of rioters had surrounded the 3rd Precinct and set the building ablaze. Unimaginably, several police officers stood between the rioters and the building. However, by 10:30, these officers left the building for good. The criminals glorified their wickedness.

By Friday morning, the firefighters were back on the scene to contain fires, including at a Foot Locker, Domino’s, and Ivy Building For The Arts. Many residents are questioning the inactions of Minneapolis Mayor Jacob Frey who admitted that he had the police officers abandon the 3rd Precinct. It would not be surprising to see a third night of carnage in Minneapolis, and it might start to carry over into the suburbs. This thug would like to see it happen.

The Minneapolis firefighters have been working nonstop due to the lack of accountability of the mayor, who lovingly bats a sympathetic eye to criminals. Firefighters in Minneapolis and Minneapolis suburbs might need to get a good night rest. 



  1. All of this will be good for many Trump votes, but I have a suspicion that the democraps have already got it planned how they will steal the election


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