BLM: We are Done Being Peaceful


In Madison, Wisconsin, black anarchists are “done being peaceful.” That slogan sounds a lot like the one being thrown around by the extreme far-right these days. White anarchists have adopted the inverse phrase “I became unreasonable.” It looks suspiciously like someone is professionally marketing Helter Skelter to the masses.

Isn’t ‘done being peaceful’ also ‘unreasonable?’

Someone is pushing both extremes of the political spectrum into conflict. One that’s strangely reminiscent of the feared “Helter Skelter” race war which never quite developed in the late 1960’s but still caused a lot of chaos. A pair of matching slogans are circulating through the mobs and extremist chat rooms. Each of them would earn the slogan writer a bonus if it was for a product like Coca-Cola, because it’s destined to be a smash of an ad campaign. Blacks are no longer going to be peaceful, while whites are now deciding to be unreasonable. Right on cue. Operators are standing by, so have your credit card handy.

George Soros is grinning from ear to ear at the way today’s modern racism can be conveniently packaged in chocolate and vanilla flavors to make it easier to swallow. The chocolate racist slogan is “we are done being peaceful.” If you prefer vanilla, you probably would identify better with the phrase “I became unreasonable.” Blacks have been docile and whites have been tolerant for far too long, open societies progressives have decided.

If you’re going to have conflict, you need something to fight over. As reported by investigative reporter, Daniel Greenfield, The “Free Yeshua” riots started when the police arrested Devonere Armani Johnson. Also known as Yeshua Musa. Whites in the area consider him a mentally unstable convicted criminal and extortionist. Blacks see him as a respected peaceful community organizer. “My name is Joshua Musa, and I am f-ing disturbing the s#!t out of this restaurant. I got a f-ing bat.”

An activist for racial justice

Johnson is well known in the community as a Black Lives Matter organizer and activist for racial justice. Typically he visits local merchants with a peaceful suggestion to equalize the racial inequality. “Give me money or we’ll break windows.” All too often, the local police stand aside and watch, effectively endorsing his actions. When the feds took him off the streets, it sparked riots.

After Johnson followed “an older white man into Cooper’s Tavern” while calling him a racist through a bullhorn, and telling other patrons “Jesus was not a white man,” the elderly victim called the police, expecting law, order, and justice to arrive shortly. Just before that, Johnson had “threatened a mother of four praying the Rosary on the Capitol Square.” Her children were with her when peaceful Mr. Johnson opined she was “a fat b!+ch” and warning “don’t think your God’s going to save you.”

Police arrived, he resisted, but not for long and screamed “I can’t breathe” as they hauled him away in cuffs. Instead of letting him back on the street in hours, nobody was expecting federal charges. Now Black Lives Matter is screaming “Free Yeshua,” and waving “Free Yeshua” signs. That’s not all. The mob is making it clear, “This is not a peaceful protest, so if you came out here for a peaceful protest, you missed it.” Then the trademarked slogan, “We’re done being peaceful. Now we demanding justice.”


Justice means toppling statues

To Black Lives Matter anarchists, justice includes “toppling the progressive statue of Lady Forward and a Union veteran.” Suddenly, all statues are forbidden, even liberal ones. The mob also didn’t hesitate to violently assault State Senator Tim Carpenter. LGBQT types without an identifying rainbow flag are just as much a target to BLM as any other white folks. During the peaceful protest Carpenter came down to support, he was “punched and kicked in the head, neck and ribs and left with a concussion.”

The federal government is no longer turning a blind eye to racially oriented peaceful extortion. They charged Johnson with “blackmailing businesses into giving him free food, drinks, and money.” In a separate incident from the one he was arrested for, Johnson “barged into a restaurant with a boom-box and when the owner told him that he had already given to Black Lives Matter the social justice warrior told him that wasn’t good enough. ‘Give me money or we’ll break windows.'” He likewise terrorized a local bar warning, “you don’t want 600 people to come here and destroy your business and burn it down.” He did this regularly and got away with it, even using a Venmo account to accept extortion payments.

Johnson felt like he was protected by someone above the local police. He told the shopkeepers he extorted that calling the police would be a waste of time. “You notice that when you call them, nothing happens to us?” He’s right. He’s still walking around after the peaceful shooting of a rival named Low’end Savage. He left the father of a child with the woman Johnson was dating paralyzed from the neck down.” Subsequent convictions for theft and felony theft didn’t slow him down much, but he did change his name to Yeshua Musa.

Police hating  peaceful anarchists

The police in Madison, Wisconsin know which side they are on, publicly joining their chief Vic Wahl in taking a knee in peaceful solidarity with police hating anarchists. Chief Wahl can’t wait to schedule a meeting with Johnson in his role of activist. “I am absolutely, fully, on board with meeting with you, meeting with him, to talk about ways we can improve, build trust and move forward,” Wahl told Johnson’s lawyer.

The town’s mayor, Satya Rhodes-Conway, denies that the police were told not to interfere with the Free Yeshua riots but does admit she asked police to expedite the processing of his case to get him back on the street sooner. Nobody was expecting the federal government to step in and actually prosecute the anarchist for his crimes. He’s looking at up to 20 peaceful years in prison.

Over on the extreme right side of the political spectrum, the Boogaloo boys have been misbehaving. Until they actually started to kill people, they were allowed to run around loose and do whatever they wanted, almost as if the Deep State was grooming them for an operation. Coincidentally, the group managed to pull off a few chaos producing peaceful activities. Steven Carillo and Robert Alvin Justus Jr. shot federal Protective Service officer David Patrick Underwood in Oakland, California.

A few days later, as police tried to arrest Carillo, he was “lying in wait” for the officers. When police arrived, the active duty Air Force sergeant “opened fire and lobbed pipe bombs before stealing one vehicle and attempting to carjack several others.” he also used the blood of Deputy Sergeant Damon Gutzwiller to smear “I became unreasonable” across the hood of the deputy’s cruiser. Apparently, the New World Order has decided to make Marvin Heemeyer and his famous declaration a peaceful symbol of far right outrage. Heemeyer bulldozed 13 buildings in Granby, Colorado, on June 4, 2004, “in retaliation for a zoning dispute.”


  1. If you are American it is time to arm up and tell the Police and Demorat Politicians to stay home they do nothing to protect us so we do not need them and will take care of this BS by ourselves

    • What we need is some politicians with the balls to tell these fools enough with bullshit and get back to law and order in this country.All we need to fix this is to start holding people responsible for their criminal acts If we need more prisons then build them. I’m sick of these whiny ass so called victims running like animals through our streets.

    • I’m afraid it’s coming to that, Conrad. If so, it will get very messy very quickly. Stay safe out there & keep them clean, loaded & handy as it’s appears that patriots will have to take care of the problem outselves.

    • Will you please stop calling the AntifaBLM thugs “Anarchists”? No real Anarchist would put up with being ruled by a damned warlord! Their actions have proven that what they are is Fascists, pure and simple, and they really don’t give a damn about Black lives, no matter what they say or call themselves. They’re Fascist thugs! Please call them by their rightful name. And above all, don’t kowtow to them under any excuse; it only encourages them.

    • It might eventually come to citizen taking care of their personal safety. This turmoil may increase all the way to Election Day. It will cease with a Trump victory.

    • No, follow the international rules of warfare. Shoot them while they’re attacking, but if any surrender, then round them up and deport them — say, to Liberia. That’s an all-Black republic where the official language is English, so the deportees should fit right in.

  2. Pick off the lead agitator,s. Kill shots to the head. Make the mob bleed, do not give them a free ride.
    Show them the price for anarchy and make it high.


  4. These thugs are not Anarchists but Fascists, plain and simple. Call them by their rightful name. AtifaBLM has *not* been peaceful so far, as their behavior proves. If they’re talking about *getting* violent, then the rest of us should reply in kind.

  5. This clown is writing checks neither his body nor BLM will be able to cash . The number of true patriotic Americans far out number his faction . I seriously doubt this guy or his backers will be out there when the real trouble starts .

  6. Reality check here fellow Americans. George Soros is funding and directing these radical bastards and there will come a time in the not too distant future, where you will have to step up and physically protect yourself and your family. None of these radicals, even the armed ones are bullet proof and if it takes armed Patriots killing a number of them to get the message out, someone had better be prepared to do it. Just remember who is behind it and understand George Soros wants a race War like no other ever seen. It is time for the President to remove Soros and his Cabal from existence.

  7. It sounds like we need to go to the range and sharpen our shooting abilities for the upcoming war we will have in our streets if it hasn’t started already.
    Stock up on weapons, ammunition, food, medical supply’s, water and anything you think you need for survival when theses scum bags come into our neighborhoods and start their shit!!
    If I see a bunch of these ass wipes coming down my street with ill intent they will be going home in a body bag! I will not allow these kind of losers to hurt my family or my neighbors!!

  8. Who in a million years would have thought we would have the “Taliban”, sponsored by the Democrats in the US…? It’s now time to end this …I don’t care what color you are, this has got to stop, because it will not end well for some people…
    If you REALLY like murder and mayhem , then vote for a Democrat, if you prefer law and order, then vote Republican…God help us all if Biden gets elected….There will be TOTAL CHAOS….

  9. Vote Democrat if you REALLY love murder and mayhem…Vote Republican if you prefer law and order…
    Who would have thought in a million years that the “Taliban”, led by the Democrats would be rampant in the US ? It’s time to end this…Now…

  10. If this guy wants violence he has no idea of what he will get if this happens. The sky will fall, chicken little!

  11. We are done being peaceful, I must have missed that peaceful part or their idea of peaceful is much different then mine.

  12. If the governors, mayors and police are not going to uphold their oaths of office and the are willing to sit back while decent folks are losing their rights, freedoms, property and lives, Then WE the PEOPLE have the GOD given RIGHT and POWER to defend our selves, our loved ones and our fellow citizens. Contrary to what we are told and what the majority believe, we do NOT need a license or permit to buy, keep or bear firearms. RIGHTS do NOT require a license, permit or permission, ONLY privileges bestowed by the government do, and a privilege, unlike a RIGHT, can be revoked at any time by the government. So, if the BLF, Antifa. or any other leftist twits feel that they don’t need to be peaceful or respectful of the rights of others, and since they are engaging in acts of treason, WE the PEOPLE have the RIGHT to declare “OPEN SEASON” on those tearing our country apart.


  14. I suspect that we must inform idiots like him that their movement is pissing off decent blacks who would love to have a go at Burn Loot and Murder along with ANTIFA. If they want to bring it, do it and before they are taken out, they would love to have slapped their mothers for not swallowing them!

  15. Thanks for the warning dumb ass … now be warned your self . this is now a fight for our freedom , that means shoot to kill . They want a fight … then give them one . Hope your trained in war cause the vets in our country were and we will stand again for our country’s cause . HO RA … mother f#ckers

  16. Thank you
    If you lie the truth is not inside you.
    You will not know what is right or wrong.
    You will not know God.
    God will run from you and will not know you.
    Thank you for listening.

  17. When were Nazis ever peaceful? BLM houseboys aren’t going to be. If black lives mattered, why do they ignore slavery? Houseboys obey their owner, the dnc. We have 400,000 slaves in the US and dems call it a low priority issue. Most are children brought here to be sex slaves for the Epstein Party. If black lives matter, why aren’t they wrecking abortion mills? Sanger founded Planned Parenthood when giving speeches at KKK rallies. she was a communist and a Nazi. but, houseboys obey their owner, the dnc.

  18. I would say a platoon or so of Seal team or other special forces could solve this whole problem in an afternoon. When the mostly white aggitators have disappeared and the paid demonstrators get the message that they must stop or die, the problems would go away. Most Americans regardless of race want to go to work and live in their cities or towns without criminals and thugs threatening to burn your business down. Most Americans want more police in their communities and not less. This is especially true in the poor neighborhoods. The honest folks have been disarmed and then left on their own to protect their homes. Can’t call the police. No one comes. Whatever happened to the promise, You don’t need to buy guns. Just call the police and they will come.

  19. Ok Jermeyer, if your “done being peaceful” then WE ARE DONE just letting you have your way. Not a threat, IT IS A PROMISE, so be prepared.

  20. These idiots want a war that they are not prepared for. Conservatives have been shooting moving targets for years and we call it hunting. So bring it on, it will just be new game for us to tag and dispose of. By the way, we have been sick and tired of your crap for some time now so the police need to go on an extended vacation and I suggest the liberal democratic state and city leaders as well as a few in congress take a long holiday in Canada as they said they would. We law abiding citizens will show you haw to deal with violent criminals.

  21. Nothing new here, just part of black culture with a bunch of white punks on dope joining in the anarchy!! Get rid of the culture, most of America’s problems go away!!

  22. Done being peaceful ? Since when was BLM every Peaceful ? Well if this clown wants to play rough , I’m afraid he is not going to like how the game turns out . The vast majority of America , though they never voice it or speak out are fed up with these punks and hooligans antics . Their “everyone owes us” attitude just don’t wash . Nobody owes them one red cent .There are no guarantees in America save this , you have the right to succeed , all you need to do is out in the work . Conversely , you have the right to fail . These clowns are to lazy to get out and get a job , just as they were to lazy to get an education in their school years , doing just enough to pass and graduate , or not . Dropping out and blaming everyone for their failures . Where I grew up and went to school I witnessed this first hand . We had a large black population and our 2 junior highs and high school had around 40-45% black population . That fell to 30% upon HS graduation . That of course was over 50 yrs ago . Since that time there have been advances in the public school system that were intended to help the minority students , make it easier for them to graduate . Sadly these liberal backed ideas and so called advances have done nothing for those student in way of helping . Now they want freebies , food , drink , money . Money they blow on things they can’t actually afford and what they will be tired of in a week They will eat the food drink the beer and the cycle begins again . And when the Freebies stop , they will act up and learn the hard way .


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