Air Force Sergeant Ambushes Police, Kills Deputy…Then He Etches THIS in Blood


“I became unreasonable,” Air Force sergeant Steven Carrillo etched across the hood of a police cruiser, using the blood of Deputy Sergeant Damon Gutzwiller. He’s now tightly in custody. The small California town of Ben Lomond was shocked by this gruesome act of domestic terrorism which looks suspiciously like it was provoked on cue by the children of darkness.

Slogans scrawled in blood

The 32-year-old active duty U.S. Air Force sergeant is a member of the 60th Security Force Squadron, stationed at Travis Air Force Base. That’s where he “underwent training in explosives and tactics.” Apparently somebody turned him in as the driver of the van linked to the Oakland murder of Federal Protective Services officer Dave Patrick Underwood. That indicates even more blood on Carrillo’s hands.

“The deputies,” reports note, “were responding to a citizen’s call about a man driving a van containing guns and explosives in Boulder Creek.” Carillo must have been tipped off that police were coming because he prepared an ambush. According to the police, Carrillo was “lying in wait” for the officers Saturday afternoon at the home he shared with his father in Ben Lomond. When police arrived, the airman “opened fire and lobbed pipe bombs before stealing one vehicle and attempting to carjack several others.”

One of Carrillo’s neighbors “tackled Carrillo in his backyard and subdued him,” as the killer “tried to steal the man’s car during a desperate run from police.” A second deputy, Alex Spencer, “survived after his bulletproof vest took a bullet fired at his chest.” He was also hit by shrapnel from the bombs and struck by the vehicle Carillo tried to flee in. He’s listed in critical condition.

One of Carrillo’s neighbors “tackled Carrillo in his backyard and subdued him.”

Right-wing extremist

Sergeant Carrillo wanted the whole world to know why he was doing what he did. Using the blood of his victim, he scrawled the word “boog” along with the phrase “I became unreasonable” across the hood of the patrol vehicle. He also painted out “Stop the Duopoly.” All are allegedly far-right extremist references, which is stretching the truth a little.

A point that the media and the authorities seem to be overlooking is that this guy should have been on FBI radar for a long time. Put in the context of a suspiciously set-up murder, possibly staged to start a war between blacks and police, this incident looks just as much like a set-up. It’s almost as if the Deep State is grooming extremists on both ends of the spectrum so they’re ready to act on cue.

There’s no doubt that Carillo is an extremist but in these days of base shootings and gang infiltration of the military, how could someone posting the things he does on social media slip totally under the radar? Along with a bunch of pipe bombs, he had an AR-15 with him when arrested.

Frustration written in blood

When Carillo wrote “boog,” he was referring to Boogaloo which is considered “a far-right anti-government movement” that started on the internet. They want to “start a second American civil war.” They’ve adopted the phrase “become unreasonable” to salute “anti-government extremist Marvin Heemeyer, who bulldozed 13 buildings in Granby, Colorado, on June 4, 2004, in retaliation for a zoning dispute.” He killed himself right after his rampage.

Carillo also sanguinely declared with Gutzwiller’s blood, “stop the duopoly.” Some libertarians are upset at being squeezed out of the political process by the way our current system favors the two major parties to the exclusion of all the rest. It’s a valid point but the media considers it an “extremist” point of view.

“He was dangerous and an angry man intent on bringing harm to police officers,” Santa Cruz County Sheriff Jim Hart declares. “He murdered Sgt. Gutzwiller. He injured another deputy, another police officer and he’s going to be held accountable.” Three other members of Boogaloo were arrested last week for trying to “incite a riot in Las Vegas in an alleged attempt to overthrow the US government.” There again, where was the FBI ahead of time?

A mental tipping point

Justin Ehrhardt who served with Carrillo in the Air Force before he retired and he confirms that he knew “Carrillo’s Facebook posts point to a right-wing extremist group that includes former and active military members.” His friend “considered himself a Libertarian,” and didn’t like the use of excess force on civilians.

“Excessive use of force on unarmed civilians — that was a huge thing for him. It was a mental tipping point for him.” Ehrhardt is convinced it was Carrillo’s way of vocalizing, “If I’m going to fight for something, it’s going to be against the establishment.” Writing it in blood certainly proved a point.

The 14-page indictment filed in the Superior Court of Santa Cruz charged Carrillo with 19 felonies including “murder, murder by lying in wait, attempted murder, assault, carjacking, and possession of explosives.” He could get the death penalty or life without parole on the most serious charges of lying in wait.


  1. The USAF OSI never flagged this person? It’s not a surprise, just look at the current FBI Director and the former Director (Comey). Oversight negligence intentional? The DOJ needs to look into this matter.

  2. He clearly has mental issues. They are NOT political issues as the article says, but rather MENTAL! The needed mental help,…but obviously got none. Who was responsible for this?

  3. I suppose anyone wanting to start a Civil War in this USA is mental and that would have to be the case. Now a lot are so wrapped up in one party that they do not even bother to look at the issue openly that is exactly why we have extremists on both sides of the isle. Now some will kill you right now, while others on the other side of the isle will just make your life so miserable you just wish you were dead, Now nothing in the middle seems to ever work any more, just far Right or far Left, and the rest just following the crowd like the rats and the pied piper, never looking as to how it will effect the other side.
    Now those groups that the Sargent belonged to or adored are all considered Far Right in every sense of the word, people who are against anyone not White and in a lot of cases also Women, depriving them of the freedoms that they would have in every other free country in the World.

  4. Air Force ‘Sergeant’?? No such thing. Three-stripers (E-5) in Air Force are called ‘Airman First Class’. Next step up, 3 stripes and a rocker, is called ‘Staff Sergeant’. Don’t know or care why this is, but it is so.


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