A 61-year-old has now married his 18-year-old goddaughter, and needless to say these unusual nuptials have created just a bit of a backlash.

Apparently, this 61-year-old Florida man is now under some serious fire simply due to the fact that the news of his nuptials has gone viral for all of the wrong reasons.

A lot of people are labeling Michael Haugabook as a predator after he was accused of marrying his goddaughter Deja Haugabook as soon as she was 18 years old. Deja also happens to be Michael’s goddaughter and the two have shared plenty of family history before they decided to tie the knot.

Word of the union had surfaced online through a tweet that claimed that Michael had started dating Deja after he had dated her mother Davina Evans first.

“You guyssss!!! This girl is 18 and she just married her Godfather who used to date her mom. He’s 46 or 47,” the tweet read. “They have a 2-year-old daughter and he has 3 other kids. He’s been “dating” and grooming her since she was 14. I’m sick to my stomach.”

While the tweet had claimed that Michael was in his 40s, there were plenty of other online claims that said they had a document from Michael’s 2014 arrest for an unrelated matter that showed he was 54 at the time, which means he is now 61, according to Adom Online.

There are old photos showing Michael holding Teja when she was only a toddler, further hinting at the type of family dynamic that they had once shared. Indeed, in Michael’s old Facebook post it shows him referring to Davina as his goddaughter with Deja’s mother sending him a thank you message and saying, “love you babes.”


When Deja was 17, she admitted online that she had been dating someone but she was keeping his identity a secret until she turned 18. However, she recently got married to her suitor, and Deja has now become a trending topic due to a bunch of people saying that Deja had groomed her.

It wasn’t long before Deja herself released a statement in response to the public scrutiny where she actually DEFENDED her husband/godfather. She said she believes that girls her age are just jealous of the life that she lives simply because they are stuck chasing boys their age that just sleep around.

Rapper Kodak Black is now chiming in on the story, saying that his father did the same thing to his mom by leaving her for his goddaughter. This just goes to show you that you should be careful regarding whom you bring around your kids.