Trump Settles The Score With Late Night Hit Job

On Friday night, President Trump settled another political score by firing Michael Atkinson, the Intelligence Community Inspector General. It's the latest purge of the...

Naval Captain Sh*tcanned After He Leaks Sensitive Info

A nuclear-powered aircraft carrier is not a democracy. No matter how good your intentions are. It's well established Naval precedent that the captain does...

County Just Banned the Sale of Books

What happens when local governments go too far when determining what IS and what ISN’T “essential” during the coronavirus crisis? What if, rather than...

Confused 23-Year-Old Transgender Takes Legal Action After Not Being ‘Challenged’

Confused 23-Year-Old Transgender Takes Legal Action After Not Being 'Challenged' Just because you CAN do something doesn’t mean you should be ALLOWED to. Keira Bell always...

Feds Raid IL Senator Who Held Trump Assassination Rally

People in the neighborhoods where the raids took place, watched as agents hauled out box after box of evidence. The lunch time raid was extensive according to

McConnell Says He Has the Votes

Bad news for Democrats.

KARMA: Thug Tried to Rob Man Who Is Famous For Killing 33 Taliban Fighters...

Nicholas Irving,30 appeared on the 'Steve Malzberg' show to talk about his recent entanglement with a would be thief. Irving a former US Ranger and master Sniper, recalled the incident for Malzberg, He had five tours of duty, two in Afghanistan and three in