Ronna McDaniel Thanks Hollywood Leftists For Helping Fuel Record High GOP Funding


RNC Chairwoman Ronna McDaniel Thanks Liberals For Record Setting GOP Fundraising

Republican National Committee (RNC) Chairwoman Ronna McDaniel has an interesting take on record making fundraising totals for August. McDaniel was a guest on Wednesday at a ‘Winning For Women‘ (WW) luncheon.

WW is a right leaning group that focuses on outreach to women voters and women candidates in the party. McDaniel said she expects the tally of fundraising to be record setting due to Hollywood’s non stop attempts to boycott RNC donors. McDaniel said “We’re going to post record numbers in August. I’m going to thank Hollywood for helping us raise more money”.

McDaniel said ‘everyone should be scared by the liberals attempts at trying to suppress free speech. The fundraising issue came about during a discussion about the RNC culture war spending budget for 2020.

McDaniel Says Liberals Have Severe Tunnel Vision, And That Extreme Stances Helps The GOP

McDaniel said, “some Democrats have this extreme stance on things. It’s all or nothing with them, you either believe like we do, or you’re evil, or you’re a racist”. McDaniel believes this approach that the DNC takes is typical, and it’s turning off a lot of voters. She believes those same voters would be more open if the DNC wasn’t so ‘etched in stone’.

McDaniel was referring to some controversy started by ‘Will & Grace’ star actress Debra Messing. The actress agreed via Twitter with a pastor in Alabama that said ‘black people that support Trump are mentally ill’. Messing and her co-star Eric McCormick called on ‘the Hollywood Reporter’ to publish a list of all attendees.

The list McCormick mentioned is for an upcoming Beverly Hills fundraiser for Trump’s reelection campaign. McDaniel took great offense at the notion of outing the guests, at the event that she is hosting. Ronna said, “You don’t see me saying’ Boycott Will & Grace’, if you want to watch it go friggen watch it”.

Ronna McDaniel Believes The Attempts Of Liberals To Shame GOP Supporters Is Frightening

McDaniel also mentioned an incident in Pittsburgh, where Democrat Rep Joaquin Castro did something similar. Castro printed the names of donors and guests at a fundraiser in Pittsburgh online.

McDaniel said doing that is a form of bullying, and it’s very dangerous. She said she was pleasantly surprised when Whoppi Goldberg called out Messing and McCormick for outing Trump donors. Goldberg made her feelings known on the show she co-hosts, ‘The View’ on ABC.

Joy Behar who is very vocal about her disdain for Donald Trump also weighed in. She is a co-host, on The View, said,’when it’s an individual, you’re stalking and endangering someone’s life, so I don’t approve of that’. Goldberg said.”The last time people did this, people ended up killing themselves. This is not a good idea. Do not encourage people to print out lists, because the next list that comes out, your name will be on it”.


  1. Republicans, conservatives and Trump supporters are supporters because the agree with what he’s doing, not motivated by irrational hatred. That’s what we deplorables know that suffers of TDS don’t know. Mental illness is the blind hatred exhibited by the Hollywood set, so blinded they can’t see anything that’s actually helping America. You know like jobs,security, freedom and pride in what’s really being done.


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