Ilmar Omar Breaks FEC Rules All While Incestiuos Marriage Unfolds


Minnesota Rep Ilmar Omar Has Been Named As Reason For A Divorce Filing

Beth Mynett filed for legal separation from her D.C. Consultant husband Tim Mynett. One of the reasons for the separation in the court filing, is that Mr. Mynett engaged in an affair with Minnesota Congresswoman Ilmar Omar. Mr. Mynett filed a response in D.C. Superior court, stating that his estranged wife, is making up the affair, out of spite.

Mrs. Mynett says that her husband “admitted to being in a relationship with Omar, and said that he is in love with her”. The confession according to Mrs. Mynett is the reason why she filed for a legal separation. Mr. Mynett admitted that he is no longer living with his wife.

Omar,36, a mother of three and is part of “the squad” is currently on her second husband, Ahmed Hirsi. The couple have only been married since 2018, and a source close to the couple say their ‘union is rocky’. Her first husband, Ahmed Nur Said Elmi ended in divorce in 2017 after 8 years of marriage and three children.

A Source Close To Omar Says Her Husband Is Going To File For Divorce

A source who has known Omar and her current husband for over 20 years told the ‘New York Post,’ Omar is heading towards a second divorce. The source, claims that Omar and her current husband have been rocky since April.

Omar the source claims asked her husband to file for divorce but he refused. Saying that if she wanted the divorce she has to file for it, and save him from the expense and paperwork. Now he’s apparently had a change of heart after his wife was named in the separation filing of the Mynetts. He said, he’s been made of fool of and is sorry he stayed with her and tried to work things out.

The Mnyetts have one biological son together William Mnyett and he has a step-daughter from his wife’s first marriage. Since the separation filing, Mrs. Mnyett has been on a personal campaign to try to ruin her husband’s career and reputation according to the paperwork that Mr. Mnyett filed.

A Representative For Mrs. Mynett Said She Would Never Make Up A Claim Such As This

A representative for Beth Mynett said that she would never name a sitting Congresswoman as a reason for a legal separation if it wasn’t factual. These allegations are based on Mr. Mnyett’s own statements, why would he name her as his love interest, if it were totally made up, the rep asked.

Omar has also denied the claims of Mrs. Mynett, and Mr. Mynett denies that he ever told his wife he was involved with Omar. There has been some negative ramifications for the lawmaker since the allegations have surfaced. Mynett’s consulting company, was hired in July of 2018 to handle Omar’s campaign.

Since the wife’s accusations, a conservative group ‘National League and Policy Center, threw a log on the fire. They filed a complaint with the FEC accusing Omar of misusing campaign funds. Omar’s campaign paid Mynett E Street Consulting company 230K for travel expenses. There is no detail as to who is benefiting from the travel reimbursements. Which is against FEC rules, the details of who,what, where, and when must be clearly laid out, and it wasn’t.


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