DNC Accused of False Promises


Best Selling Author & Presidential Candidate Marianne Williamson Is Livid At The DNC

Democratic 2020 Presidential candidate Marianne Williamson has a bone to pick with the Democratic National Committee (DNC). The third presidential debate will be in Houston on September 12 and 13.

Williamson participated in the first two debates, yet she has not met the requirements for the third, and she’s angry. Williamson’s team have accused the DNC of not keeping their initial promises, that 18 polling places would be used. The DNC says Williamson has only used data from 11 polling places to access a candidate’s qualifications for debate three.

The qualifications are that candidates must have 130,000 unique donors from 20 different states. The requirement that Williamson has an issue with is that candidates must poll with 2% average. Williamson says using 7 less polling places rather than the 18 which was the promised amount is a huge difference. The cut off date that candidates have to prove their qualifications is Wednesday August 28th.

As Of Wednesday Only 11 Polling Places Released Their Data To The DNC

A statement released by Williamson’s communication’s director, Patricia Ewing was scathing. It read,
‘the DNC should have kept to their requirements released in February that 18 polling places be used’. Ewing said that other candidates have also been slighted by the last minute change.

Candidates like billionaire Tom Steyner, Tulsi Gabbard, and Kirsten Gillibrand may have also qualified. The same qualifications will be in place for the 4th debate. If the DNC does use data from the original 18 polling places it was supposed to use, things can change.

With the additional data, the number for the 4th debate could rise from 10 to 14. Steyner and Gillibrand almost made the cut by getting 130,00 unique donors. It was the 2% at the polling they failed to meet due to the DNC using only 11 and not 18 polling places.


Democratic Governor of Montana Steve Bullock Calls Candidate Tom Steyner As A Hypocrite

The Democratic party continues to have a lot internal fighting, with one member calling another out on one issue or another. Governor Bullock said billionaire hedge fund manager Tom Steyner just buys his way into the race.

Bullock went on to say that ‘Steyner said his goal was go get money out of politics’. Bullock is also running for the 2020 Democratic nomination for president. He recently told Andrea Mitchell on MSNBC, “ I think the DNC rules were well intentioned”. He went on, “but what it has done, is allowed a billionaire to buy a spot on the debate stage”.

Tom Steyner just spent 10 million dollars to get 130,00 donors. We’re getting to the point where, we’re spending money online as opposed to actually talking to the voters. Bullock said the ‘original intent of the DNC was good, they wanted things fair. They wanted candidates to show they had grassroots support. Now it’s something different. and that isn’t right’.



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