Report: Flight Attendant Traveling Through LA Tests Positive for Coronavirus

Korean Air Stewardess CoronaVirus
Photo Courtesy of stephan via Creative Commons License

On the same day President Trump announced he was putting Vice President Mike Pence in charge of the U.S. coronavirus plan, another very serious concern surfaced in Los Angeles.

A flight attendant who has flown in and out of LA with Korean Air has tested positive for the virus.

How Many Did She Infect?

According to South Korean media, the flight attendant was a female that had worked flights that traveled to and from Los Angeles.

She also reportedly worked flights from Tel Aviv, Israel, and Seoul.

Prior to arriving in Los Angeles, the flight attendant has been on the flight from Israel.

She then reportedly visited Koreatown in Los Angeles, a densely populated Korean neighborhood.

She then returned to the airport on a return flight to Incheon, South Korea.


The obvious concern here is if this woman had the virus before she entered the United States, exactly who many people did she come in contact with, and did she infect them?

Taking Precautions

The Center for Disease Control, as well as elected officials, are aware of the reporting.

Mayor Garcetti stated, “We’re disinfecting LAX every hour.

“We’re making sure that those points of entry and those places where we could see somebody come in and create a vector are secure as we can possibly make them, knowing you can never have 100% security.”

This news followed a report of a U.S. soldier stationed in South Korea as having tested positive for the coronavirus, the first servicemember to do so.

Yesterday, President Trump held a press conference to update everyone on the steps the government is taking to control a possible pandemic event here in the United States.

Thus far, we have been lucky in that the disease is not believed to have been widespread throughout the country.

This, of course, could change rather quickly if people are not taking the proper precautions, something that was stressed by medical officials during the press conference.

Some of the precautions people can take are covering their mouths and noses when they sneeze and cough, wearing a mask when traveling, as well as washing hands and surfaces to ensure they are free of germs.

In this case, it is better to be safe than sorry, so anyone experiencing any flu-like symptoms should immediately visit their doctor.


  1. “secure as we can possibly make them” is light years away from being adequately secure; with this virus, if your aen’t 100% secure, you’re 100% dead.


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