Possible Voter Fraud Discovered in 3 Key Swing States

Voter Fraud
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It may be a new election, but the same old shenanigans appear to be taking place in key voting states.

Honest Elections Project found a significant increase over the norm of registered voters in three of the most important swing states in the election.

In some cases, the voter rolls exceeded 100 percent of the voting population.

Something Hinky Going on

The three states in question are Colorado, Florida, and Michigan.

During the 2016 election, these three states were among the most highly contested, with winning margins of 2.8 percent, 1.3 percent, and .4 percent respectively.

The average registration rate, per the Census Bureau, is just under 67 percent.

In Michigan, there were 18 counties at over 90 percent and one over 100 percent.

In Florida, 27 counties were over 90 percent and seven were more than 100 percent.

In Colorado, there were 19 counties over 90 percent and five over 100 percent.

There is no sudden mass rush of voters registering, as the culprit is far more likely improperly maintained voter rolls, which opens the door to mass voter fraud come election day.

When people move, die, or are incarcerated, they are supposed to be removed from voter rolls, but that is clearly not happening in these states (quite frankly, in most states).

Very recently Wisconsin voter rolls, another key state, were ordered to be purged for much the same reason by a federal judge (although, Democrats are now fighting the order).

Jason Snead, Honest Elections Project Executive Director, stated, “All three states have multiple counties where voter registration rates exceed 90 percent, in some cases they exceed 100 percent.

“In the last election in 2018, the nationwide registration rate according to the U.S. Census Bureau was 66.9 percent.

“That disparity is a clear sign these states aren’t maintaining accurate voter rolls.”

You really have to ask, why are Democrats always fighting to leave the door open for old and/or inactive names to remain on voter rolls while Republicans and conservatives are fighting to maintain accurate and up to date voter rolls?

Could it be that one party relies on voter fraud to win while the other merely wants a level playing field?


  1. Well, is there anything being done about these voter fraud states? I find it amusing that news accounts of voter fraud is mentioned but nothing is ever said about fixing the matter. I certainly hope that Project Veritas is on top of this. If not, there will be massive voter fraud clearly helping the Democrats. DO SOMETHING NOW BEFORE THE 2020 ELECTION.

  2. I’ll go with the one party relies on voter fraud to win, while the other party wants a level playing field theory. The second a Republican mentions cleaning up voter rolls, the Democrats start screaming about voter suppression. In Colorado, several counties have more registered than there are voting age individuals in the county-a certain sing that the rolls are tainted. There is a Federal law which requires states and counties to maintain their voter rolls, keeping the registrations up-to-date and accurate. The counties involved resist any attempt to fix the rolls, even though the law requires it. Coincidentally, the state turned decidedly blue since this condition first became a reality. It is NOT an accident that most of the states where more people are registered than people eligible to vote are Democrat controlled.

  3. Texas found 90,000 plus illegal votes and one county in Pennsylvania found 11,000. It is these votes that put Hitlery on top in the so called Popular vote. It also was admitted to in the Alabama by a Democrap and was how the Republican candidate was defeated. If all these votes were removed as they should be Democraps would lose many seats.

  4. This problem also exists in Democrat-controlled New Mexico. When my two sons grew up and moved out of the state many years ago, I noticed their names remained on the voter lists. I called the county clerks office on numerous occasions and was given a variety of reasons why their names remained on the lists. Several of the reasons included, “Oh, their names will be removed after a general election passes in which they don’t vote,” “Oh yes, there is a real problem in this state keeping the voter roles up to date,” “to get their names off of the list, they must fill out and have notorized this particular form,”I don’t know how to do that,” “You need to talk to somebody at state level about this” and when I did speak to someone at state level, he simply laughed about it. Anyway the list of excuses goes on and on. This went on for 30 years. After the 2018 election, I noticed that their names had finally been removed.


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