Trey Gowdy Reveals Whether or Not He Will Join Trump’s Legal Team

Trey Gowdy
Photo via Fox News YouTube Video Screenshot

Now that the New Year is over, everyone wants to know… Will Trey Gowdy be joining Trump’s legal team?

Without creating any drama, the answer to that question is “no.”

People Already in Place

When the initial announcement was made about Gowdy joining Trump’s legal team, it was a major coup for Trump.

Gowdy is feared among Democrats and having him on Trump’s team has already upset a few stomachs in the Democrat party.

However, due to a moratorium on lobbying after serving in Congress, Gowdy decided to hold off on taking the position.

Even though the legal case against him would have been flimsy, he decided to err on the side of caution, which was a smart move considering the political climate today.

At that time, Gowdy stated Trump needed someone out there on the front lines for him then, so by the time he was able to join, Trump may no longer need him.

Based on Gowdy’s most recent comments, that would seem to the case.

Trump Will Win

When Gowdy was flat out asked if he would be joining Trump’s team in any manner, Gowdy did not leave anything open for debate.

He stated, “No, the president has got great lawyers and more importantly than having great lawyers, he’s got great facts.

“I think for several months we’ve been talking about the process and how fundamentally flawed it’s been.

“Imagine being investigated by somebody like Adam Schiff, that’s the process.

“But Jason, I focus on the substance.

“The single best piece of evidence for the president is the transcript itself.”

Gowdy also brought up some points about Biden and why Democrats should be looking into his conduct if they are going to impeach Trump.

He stated, “While these democrats are supporting Biden, that’s the exact same conduct.

“He’s not going to comply with the subpoena which is what one of the two articles of impeachment against Trump is.”

Gowdy’s full interview is below…