Young Child Attacked By Liberals…Then President Trump Steps in


A 15-year-old student gained notoriety when a video of him being brutally attacked and bullied by two liberals while at school.

Liberals Attack Trump Supporter

Braxton McElhaney faced severe bullying from two girls due to wearing an American flag shirt and a Trump hat.

One of the liberal students ripped an American flag off the young teen’s face and ran into the girl’s bathroom to throw it in the trash. When the girl reemerged she started assaulting him once again and tried to steal his red Make America Great Again hat.

When McElhaney refused to let go of his hat, the crazed liberal started to hit him repeatedly and spit on him.

“He has not attended public school since 1st grade, he has attended charter schools and was doing online. This year he was taking two electives at public school and this happened just two weeks in. He is solely doing online now. He is 15 in 10th grade,” his mother Meshyalah McElhaney told the Gateway Pundit at the time. “I am so incredibly proud of him for holding his ground and not giving into her and retaliating.”

President Trump Sends Suprise

Once the identity of the Trump-supporting teenager became known, pleas for President Trump to send him an autographed MAGA hat poured through social media.


And President Trump delivered by sending the young man once tormented by liberals an autographed Trump hat.

“All thanks to President Donald Trump for the support all the way from the White House,” Braxton told TGP of his new and improved hat.

His mom added, “We are overwhelmed by the support & love we have received from around the world. We never would have thought it would have made it all the way to the President. Thank you all who made this happen.”

Will Justice be Served?

So will the two hateful girls face consequences?

Well, according to McElhaney, the girl wearing the red shirt will be charged with a felony and the other will be facing charges for either a misdemeanor or felony. Both were also in tenth grade like the bullied teen was.


  1. A strong message must be sent to ALL young and old liberal minded idiots who promote violence’s against the innocent school children that supports a strong President of these United States of America. WE AMERICAN PATRIOTS WILL NEVER TOLERATE LIBERALISM/SOCIALISM/COMMUNISM IN AMERICA!

    USAF (RET)

  2. These two girls should have to spend the night in jail (among other people like them!!) so they can see how it feels to
    be bullied. Their parents must also teach them about destroying other people’s property. They should also pay
    fines at least up to $1,000.00 each for this bullying and harassing.

  3. Both girls should be charged with felony assault, attempted robbery, and a hate crime. They then should be tried and sent to juvenile detention until they’re of the legal age of 18. The recorder of the assault should perhaps be charged as an accessory.

    • PS; I wouldn’t call the boy a young child. He’s a young man and a good one at that. It sounds like his charter schooling did him well.

  4. Those girl’s parents must be proud to have little nazis. To the school. You knew what happened. Adults running schools need a couple months in jail to see what freedom really is. When you lose it you will want it back fast. To all girls who think your something, your not. You lowlife subhuman stains on America.

  5. When the girls stop behaving like ladies and start attacking like terrorrists, it is perfectly OK for that boy to bust her in the mouth and shut her up. For spitting on him she should do some Juvie Jail Time. That is a felony now. Liberal women think they can get away with anything. Well, try taking my cap next time you little chippies. You be resting in the hospital for a month or two. jwstx

  6. this is what a liberal/socialist education gets you these days, no real education,no discipline , and absolutely no common sense.we have very few real teachers today, only re-education supervisors for the communist party. a union teacher with tenure, can do what they want to the kids minds as long as it follows the welfare-state agenda.


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