You are Wrong Liberals, He Didn’t ‘Abruptly’ Resign…His Contract Was Ending

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Liberals are bashing the Trump administration again. This time they claim that Dr. Scott Atlas, one of Trump’s advisors on COVID-19, abruptly resigned due to some sort of dispute. Here’s the truth.

Liberals spreading fake news

Yes, Dr. Scott Atlas is leaving the White House. But he did not “abruptly resign” from his position, as the looney Liberals want you to believe. Atlas joined the White House in August as a Special Government Employee, which has a 130-day detail limit that will expire this week.

Liberals despise Dr. Atlas due to his practical approach to the COVID-19 virus. Atlas was fiercely opposed to the draconian lockdowns and claimed such orders were making the cure worse than the disease. “My advice was always focused on minimizing all the harms from both the pandemic and the structural policies themselves, especially to the working class and the poor.”

Atlas offered a refreshing perspective in contrast to officials like Dr. Fauci, who encouraged the lockdowns and mask mandates. Atlas said he was honored to work at the White House, but it was his time to go. “Throughout my time at the White House, it was an honor to work with several selfless colleagues in designing specific policies to heighten protection of the vulnerable while safely reopening schools and society,” he wrote.

Dr Scott Atlas resigns

The mainstream media was vicious to Dr. Atlas, especially when his advice directly conflicted with Dr. Fauci. Fauci even said he had “real problems” with some of Atlas’s recommendations. The CDC Director Robert Redfield once said, “Everything Atlas says is wrong.” Ouch.

Dr. Atlas referred to these disagreements in his resignation letter, where he states “Although some may disagree with those recommendations, it is the free exchange of ideas that lead to scientific truths, which are the very foundation of any civilized society.

Indeed, I cannot think of a time where safeguarding science and the scientific debate is more urgent.” Biden has made it clear, he supports a national mask mandate and more lockdowns to stop the spread of COVID-19.

The Democrats are determined to destroy the economy for good, then usher in a new era of Socialism in America.


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