Yang Makes Promise to Give Families Money if They Vote For Him, One Problem…It’s ILLEGAL


Andrew Yang In The Hot Seat Over His Pledge To Give Money To American Families

During last weeks Democratic debate Andrew Yang said, he would give 10 random families one thousand dollars each month. It has been disclosed that the money is coming from Yang’s campaign contributions.

Experts in campaign finance laws, say campaign money can not be used for personal reasons. The pledge made on September 12, is part of his ‘Universal income plan for all American adult’s’. That is one of his fundamental campaign promises that he says he will do if elected President.

Yang,44, who is a native of New York, was born to parents who immigrated to the U.S. from Taiwan. He is a former attorney with a law degree from Columbia University. Yang said on Fox News that his ‘giveaway plan is perfectly legal’. In spite of what Yang has said, experts in campaign finance law, say if Yang is using campaign money for that ‘giveaway’ that’s not legal.

Yang Left A Law Firm In 2002 To Pursue A Career As A Tech Entrepreneur

Andrew was not taken seriously as a presidential contender, after his ‘Freedom Dividend’ was discussed, he’s been gaining traction. However he’s hitting a snag, now that several different groups have called his promises into question.

The campaign finance laws are very clear, in how campaign money can be spent. The money from the campaign can not be used to pay rent, to buy groceries, buying clothes, or putting gas in a car. Any purpose other than a direct expense for a campaign, is strictly prohibited.

Larry Noble, a former Federal Election Commission Attorney, has a lot of issues with Yang’s proposal. He tweeted, “a lottery to give money to potential supporters may violate the law and is a slippery slope”. The Campaign Legal Center, (CLC) is a nonpartisan group that monitors campaign money and how it’s used weighed in on the controversy.


The CLC said, “Before Andrew Yang starts handing out campaign money, he should consult with an election law expert”. They specifically told him to look at, 52USC30114(b).

Former US Attorney Preet Bharara Who Is Known As An Anti Corruption Advocate Also Questions Andrew

Bharara called Yang ‘a breath of fresh air’ but questioned whether or not, Yang consulted with an attorney before giving away campaign money. Craig Holman, a campaign finance law expert, works with, ‘Public Citizen’s Capital Hill’. as a lobbyist. Holman said this issue is an easy one to understand, it’s not legal to use campaign funds for anything personal. Giving supporters money each month, to use for their personal use, is strictly forbidden’.

Holman said, if ‘Yang uses campaign money or donations to give families the 1000 dollars per month, it is a direct violation of campaign law’. A representative for Yang explained, ‘the payments are considered campaign expenses, because they are being made to further the goals of the campaign’.

During the third debate, Yang said he will do ‘something unprecedented tonight.’ He asked viewers to go to his website, and explain how the monthly thousand dollar payment would help them


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