Wray Walking Thin Line…Suspicion Grows Immensely


There’s a lot of suspicion of Christopher Wray in congress right now. He’s walking an Obamagate tightrope over a pit of alligators. It’s fraying beneath his feet as conservative probes keep nicking his lifeline. Republican lawmakers can’t get anything out of Wray except Fifth Amendment silence after notes just surfaced proving Michael Flynn was entrapped by Wray’s very own Federal Bureau of Instigation. He may turn out to be the chief rat in charge of guarding the government cheese.

Growing suspicion about Wray’s involvement

The Department of Injustice finally coughed up the missing notes proving Flynn was set up. They were intentionally hiding documents proving the FBI planned to charge Flynn for lying as soon as he said hello. Attorney General William Barr dropped all the charges. That’s when alleged FBI Director Christopher Wray went into hiding. There is ever growing suspicion that Wray was more involved than anyone realized.

Based on recently revealed intelligence agency transcripts, as well a notes and other newly disclosed documents in the Flynn Case, Barack Obama’s administration “leaked information about Flynn’s phone conversations with Russia’s former U.S. ambassador.” That was after they “unmasked” his name to make the information a more damaging “weapon” to use against President Donald Trump.

It’s clear from the evidence that a significant number of FBI agents and officials were blatantly biased against the newly elected president. Christopher Wray is caught in the middle of it all.


The walls are closing in

Christopher Wray can feel the walls closing in around him as he tries to lead an agency riddled with corruption. His job is to “protect his agency but not alienate the president.” He doesn’t seem to be doing either one right now.

Louisiana lawmaker Mike Johnson wants to put Wray on a congressional hot-seat and insists the criticism of Wray is “fair and warranted.” He obviously dropped the ball. “The longer that this lingers, the more suspicion grows and the more he himself is brought into question, and I think that’s unfortunate.”

Johnson has been asking for days, “Where has Christopher Wray been in all this?” As head of the agency, “He should’ve gone to the FBI, he should’ve cleaned house, he should’ve made this all available, but he hasn’t done that.” This is the wrong time to be missing in action, Johnson insists. “We need to restore the integrity and credibility of these agencies, and that is not the way to do that.”

Rep. Jim Jordan is also wondering where’s Waldo. “Where is Christopher Wray?” He tweeted. Him and Johnson want to interrogate the agents directly in charge of setting Flynn up. Wray won’t answer their letter. Word around the campfire is that President Trump has been warned by his advisers that firing Wray this close to the election won’t look good but “the president doesn’t always adhere to such advice.”


  1. More information and it looks VEEEEERY suspicious. Get the facts and drain the swamp. Dems did this to themselves. Let’s watch it unfold and crumble around Obama. God Bless Texas, God Bless America and God Bless President and First Lady Trump. hooyah

  2. All Wray did in response to massive corruption was create a ‘Sensitivity’ training program so to give guidance ahead in timelines ahead… absolutely zero responsibility being forced on any participators in the timelines ahead!

  3. WTF …. The “””FBI””” needs a Leader with some Brawn, Balls as well as Intelligence …. “”Little Christopher Wray”” just DOES NOT …Cut it, Period!!!!!!!!!! Besides, I believe He’s Hiding Something …..Relative to the Corruption of OBAMA-GATE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



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