WOW: Video Shows Bear Taken Down By Hunter Using One of The Most Primitive Weapons Ever


Human beings have spent thousands of years trying to find unique ways to put food on the table. During that time, we have used literally everything as a weapon in our pursuit of prey.

In this day and age, most hunters will use either a bow or a firearm. However, there are a lot of unusual tactics that have been used for hunting in the past, and some of these strategies are starting to make a comeback.

For example, have you ever heard of the primitive tactic of bow hunting? Everything from rabbits to even a big black bear can be taken down by a blow hunter. There is a small group of hunters inherently focused on keeping this form of hunting alive and well, even here in the 21st Century. 

One hunter who has dedicated himself to these non-traditional techniques would be Tim Wells. As a huge fan of both blowguns and spears, there are even times where he actually does EVEN BETTER than those who use traditional weaponry such as firearms or bows.

Wells has established a long track record for his blowguns, including taking down gar, monkeys, and even a ram before. Wells is living proof that this weapon can work on all types of game. 

However, a black bear is an entirely different animal entirely. For one thing, they have extremely thick fur which is difficult for even the hardiest of arrows to penetrate. It would be difficult at the very least to see how something as primitive as a blow gun could be used to take down such a large animal. Can Tim Wells pull it off? Well, all you have to do is watch the video and you will definitely see him do just that. 


I’ll just cut to the chase here: yes, it isn’t all that difficult for a blowgun to take down a black bear. Of course, this bear was just a bit older than a cub, but you still quickly figure out that this weapon gets a bit of bum rap. When used correctly, a blowgun is extremely efficient. 

How so? Well, the key would be the shot placement. Tim has proven that with hours of practice and the right amount of dedication, you can even kill a bear as long as you are accurate. Is this a niche hunting pastime? Definitely. Thus, it won’t be for everyone. However, this is definitely something that you should try if you ever want a new hunting challenge. 


  1. It takes the mentality of a primitive savage to enjoy killing any animal that is defenseless when cornered with a weapon. Are these hunters sadists simply deriving pleasure from hurting, maiming and destroying animals who suffer the same pain as humans? They should “test” their weapons on each other.


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