WOW: Trump Drops Bombshell Announcement About Flynn


President Donald Trump just dropped another bombshell announcement. He confirms that he’s considering inviting his former national security adviser Michael Flynn back into his administration. He agreed on Thursday that he “would certainly consider it,” adding, “I think he’s a fine man.”

The startling announcement rattles the Deep State

The retired general was a key victim in the Russiagate conspiracy and may get a presidential pardon, if his name isn’t cleared by recent events. Freshly uncovered evidence reveals that he was likely “entrapped” by the Federal Bureau of Instigation.

He pleaded guilty to a charge of lying to the FBI after the FBI set it up so he practically had to lie to inquisitors gathering firewood for Robert Mueller to burn Donald Trump at the stake with. Flynn’s first team of attorneys botched his defense when they allowed him to take the dirty deal. It’s not yet clear if they might have thrown the game intentionally.

Internal FBI records, specifically, Bill Priestap’s notes from where they engineered the set-up, show “FBI officials debated whether and when to warn Flynn that he could face criminal charges as they prepared for a January 2017 interview with him.”

President Trump took that as evidence Flynn was a “victim,” tricked by Deep State “dirty cops.” According to the president’s announcement, “He’s in the process of being exonerated. If you look at those notes from yesterday, that was total exoneration.”

Flynn’s actions ‘unintentional’

After only three weeks on the job, Flynn was terminated. At the time, everyone was reporting that “he was found to have misled Vice President Mike Pence.” The subject of the “misleading” conversation was “Russia’s then-ambassador to the United States Sergei Kislyak.” Trump was virtually forced to fire him.

Now that he knows a lot more of the story, Pence is willing to give him the benefit of the doubt, acknowledging that Flynn’s actions could be “unintentional.” He said in announcement from Indiana Thursday, “I’m deeply troubled by the revelations of what appeared to have been investigative abuse by officials in the Justice Department.” That’s the real issue he notes. “we’re going to continue to look into that very carefully.”

Pence was shocked when he heard the news back in 2017. “My respect for General Flynn personally for his service to the country is undiminished. And I am inclined more than ever to believe that what he communicated to me back during the transition leading to our inauguration, that was unintentional and not – and that he was not attempting to misrepresent facts.”


  1. Not only would it be a good idea to accept Gen. Flynn back into the administration as a warning that the Deep State’s shenanigans won’t prevail, the DOJ should go after the FBI agents and others who set Gen. Flynn up, even if that leads to Mr. Obama.

  2. Recce1… Agreed 100%. It’s high time the dimRats pay for their crooked deeds. Starting with obummer and the Clintons. Hopefully Durham and Barr will bring them DOWN !

  3. Don’t hold your breath. Democrats never pay the price for their crimes. They will all walk because that’s what the deep state does. Protect the dems( Er socialists)


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