WOW: Michelle Obama’s Golden Child’s Sex Fueled Cocaine Binge With Hunter Biden Caught on Camera

Obama's Golden Child's Sex Fueled Cocaine Binge With Hunter Biden Caught on Camera

Former President Barack Obama‘s oldest daughter may have been caught up in the Hunter Biden scandal. Pictures showing Malia Obama‘s credit card being used to cut lines of cocaine, and a picture of Hunter Biden having sex with a woman who has the same mark on her thigh as Malia, have resurfaced.

According to multiple sources, these leaked photos were found on one of Hunter Biden’s laptops, which have been given to the FBI and multiple news outlets. Allegedly, Hunter Biden left at least one of his laptops at a computer repair store in Delaware, where it was forgotten.

After a certain amount of time, the laptop became property of the repair shop owner, who turned it over to the FBI, and reportedly gave a copy to Rudy Giuliani’s lawyer. The contents of the laptop and hard drive have been slowly published by various news outlets, starting with the New York Post.

The first viral image shows a credit card with the name Malia A Obama next to at least six lines of what appears to be cocaine. Drug users often use credit cards to push, or “cut,” a pile of cocaine into lines to snort.

The second picture allegedly shows Hunter Biden grabbing the hair of a black woman as she lies naked on a bed with her back towards the camera. In the picture, a mark on the woman’s right thigh can be seen. People have been sharing that picture alongside one of Malia Obama in a white bikini, where a similar mark can be seen on her right thigh.

The viral images made the rounds in right-wing circles on social media, with the left and mainstream media virtually ignoring them, just as they have for the majority of the Hunter Biden evidence that has been piling up in the past few weeks.



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