Would Be Robbers Get Blasted on By Armed Citizen


LOS ANGELES – A man who was being targeted by would-be robbers ended up turning the tables on the suspects by shooting them himself in Fairfax. The Second Amendment is still alive!

These two men allegedly were trying to rob the shoppers on Melrose Avenue but instead they were the recipient of gunshot wounds themselves when one of the victims opened fire on them in self-defense, according to Los Angeles police.

This brazen robbery happened in broad daylight on Monday, and the robbers were near the intersection of Vista Street and Melrose Avenue. The Los Angeles Police Department investigated the incident, saying that there were two suspects who had exited from an idling Dodge Avenger and started to confront the victim with a firearm in hand.

“Words were apparently exchanged, and the victim ultimately produces a handgun, apparently to defend himself and others in his group from the would-be robbery suspects,” LAPD wrote in a press release.

After police described the fact that the victim fired a gun at all of the suspects, everyone immediately dispersed.

Los Angeles police were then able to apprehend these would-be robbers a short time later and all of them were found to have suffered non-life-threatening gunshot wounds.

These two robbers were described as Markeil Hayes, 28, and Nicholas Brown, 22, both from the Los Angeles area.

They booked Mr. Brown for attempted robbery and found out that he is currently on parole, according to the LAPD. They also discovered that he had a gunshot injury to the upper left thigh.

They booked Hayes for attempted robbery and they discovered that he too is on parole. The would-be robber Mr. Hayes sustained a gunshot wound on the right calf.

LAPD investigators continue to look for the third robber, who allegedly was behind the wheel of the Dodge Avenger.