Winning! Trump Announces Phase One China Trade Deal

Donald Trump
Photo via CNBC YouTube Video Screenshot

While Democrats continue to try to rally the country around impeaching Trump, the President dropped a bombshell announcement on them.

President Trump announced the ‘Phase One’ China trade deal is finally in place.

Global Giants Reach Deal

Our farmers have been in somewhat dire straits during this trade battle, but their patience is about to pay off.

Trump promised them if they remained patient and were willing to take it on the chin now, it would all pay off… and it has.

The new trade deal with China is touted as being a major windfall for United States farmers on all fronts.

Under the new deal, tariffs that have been in place will be canceled as long as Phase Two begins as expected. 

Trump, today, stated that once Phase Two is done, all the tariffs will be removed. 

Additionally, China has agreed to buy significantly more agricultural products, which is where our farmers come in.

The deal will also include reforms to intellectual property and technology transfer policies.

With Phase One now officially in place, Trump expects to travel to Beijing later this year to work on the second phase of the deal.

Trump was clearly in a good mood when making the announcement, not only touting the deal but also taking a few jabs at Democrats for the sham impeachment that was taking place at the same time.

Different Messages

The impact of this trade deal is going to go a long way to help Trump get re-elected.

The problems our farmers have had during this trade war has been a major talking point for Democrats, now that will suddenly dissipate.

There is also the fact Democrats have only been working on two messages for the last three years: impeach Trump and help illegal immigrants.

Trump has been fixing bad trade deals, helping our veterans, giving Americans tax cuts, and protecting our borders, among other key issues.

Point being, Trump has been working hard to help America and Americans and Democrats have been doing nothing but obstructing him.

Americans have a decision to make come November… do you want someone to remain in office that is actually working on our behalf or Democrats that work to do nothing more than line their own pockets?

It seems like a pretty easy choice to me.


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