Wild Drunken Bikini Brawl Turns Ugly on the River (Video)


A teens gone wild video from a couple of years ago is suddenly making the rounds of the interweb again. What it shows is so bizarre that nobody can tell if this drunken bikini brawl was staged just to bring instant YouTube celebrity status, or if our younger generating is really this hopeless. What started out like an ordinary summer day on the river for a group of young adults produced a shocking three minute video clip.

Intoxicated bikini brawl

The video purports to show a couple of intoxicated girls in bikinis getting into a seriously violent scuffle. Besides some half-hearted slaps and gratuitous rolling around in the mud, laced with casual displays of anatomy, some of the blows seem substantial. The most outrageous part is that most of the group was more interested in watching than stopping the brawl.

One young man makes an attempt to separate the girls but others egg them on while another girl jumps into the fray.

If all of this weren’t weird and ugly enough, at regular intervals, one young man can be seen jumping out of the bushes to spit at the battling beauties for no apparent reason. “What’s with the dude that runs out of the bushes every so often to spit in their faces?! What a bunch of methed out trash,” one viewer writes.

That’s one of the clues that the video brawl may be a fake. Well, at least that’s what makes the older generation hope it’s a fake. If this is a real incident, our nation is in big trouble when these kids take charge. “Whoever recorded this is trash,” another posts, “I feel bad for the girls at the end, obvs a set up and those people are trash because they did that.”

“Please keep your garbage out of our waterways,” Copious Doinks tells the bikini girls. Dean Treadaway agrees, “That’s what u call river trash from the trailer park.”


  1. Even the boys were hitting the girls. That would never have happened in my day. You just didn’t hit women back then, that was how you were raised.

  2. And no one put a stop to this, what a pile of $HIT these guys are, especially the A-hole that came running down from the woods to pull a GIRLS hair, real girly men.

  3. It’s tough when you don’t know which side to pull for! 😉 One take-away I got tho, was the COWARD guy who ran up & spit on the ‘downed” girl, then ran as fast as he could to join the bigger group for protection! HaHa! A bully & a coward! (Moral of story: Don’t be with a drinking crowd! Lots of people have been killed in those situations!)

    • There were no men there. Just a bunch of wussies that attacked girls being double teamed by other girls. I fear for the Nation when these types begin running it.

  4. Well, get the video and if the person filming won’t live it up go to the police and bring charges against them. If the police do nothing get a damn lawyer and get it into court so the names of those involved at the least get into the news. You will see how fast the people doing all the hitting including the boys will find out how fast other people of their same age vanish. That was the way it was in our school and early young ages, the people not wanting to be involved with people who keep beating on someone suddenly don’t associate with them and leaving them to have to keep hanging out with jerks.

  5. Be glad I wasn’t there them bitchs would got knocked out . And maybe the girls to . Real tuff guys hitting a girl . Pussys … that’s what they are . Not a real man among them that would stop them from hitting a girl

  6. What a DISGRACE. How sad that these creatures have reached so low. They will pay for this as they get older, and possibly find out they are being possessed by SATAN. WAKE UP!!!!!!!!!!!!! Have your PARENTS seen this?????

  7. Our wonderful future generation of leaders . If this is what is coming up , our nation is in a world of trouble . Back in my day , guys did not hit girls . If you did you would probably be decked by another guy . As for the girls fighting , real men would have stepped up and separated them before any blows were struck . Certainly after the first blows . As for backpack boy coming to spit on the one girl then retreating to the safety of the bushes and rocks , hope he goes home and tells his mommy how brave he was .


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