Whoa…They Just Took Steve Bannon OUT

Steve Bannon

Steve Bannon may have taken things a bit too far this week during one of his recent episodes of ‘War Room Pandemic’.

During the show, the former Chief strategist for President Donald J Trump said that both FBI director Christopher Wray, and Dr. Anthony Fauci should be eliminated.

Many Conservatives agree that both Christopher Wray, and Dr Fauci are part of the deep state and there are plenty of conspiracy theories swirling the internet today on both of the individuals.

Steve Bannon on the show was quoted saying ‘I’d actually like to go back to the old times of Tudor England. I’d put the heads on pikes’. This did not set well with tech giants and Democrats.

Twitter permanently suspended Steve Bannon’s account ‘@WarRoomPandemic’ shortly after the posting was made.

Facebook, Spotify, and Youtube were quick to jump in line with their Democrat handlers wishes and removed the content about as fast as it was put on their platforms.

Platforms are claiming that Steve Bannon violated their policies by promoting or glorifying violence.


The interesting thing about this, is that these platforms turn a blind eye to Democrats and Liberals calling for violence on Trump supporters. Here is a prime example of this very thing and the video stays on Youtube and has not been flagged or taken down.

This sure does seem like a call to arms and promoting violence against a specific group of people. Weird.

Conservatives and Republicans have witnessed platforms like facebook taking measures to ensure that voices are silenced or ‘fact checked’.

Ever notice how these ‘Fact Checkers’ are all Liberal publications that do hit pieces on conservative publications and then the content they share is either flagged as false news, or the publication loses their business pages and groups? Yeah…we noticed.

Our team covered a similar situation just last month, where a conservative publication was ripped from the facebook platform within 24hrs of the liberal publication ‘The Guardian’ did a hit piece making all kinds of WILD claims that were not even close to being factual.

Facebook removed the conservative network and never offered any way to appeal the process or even bother to offer a reason as to why the network was removed from their platform. Republicans have quite the uphill battle ahead of them, as tech giants have shown their true colors in recent months.

Twitter has begun silencing the President as of late, and this is VERY alarming. They (Twitter) has put labels on Donald Trumps tweets about the elections claiming election fraud is ‘disputed. You can see for yourself here below

This is the first time in history that a standing President has been silenced by both the media and tech giants.The interesting take from all of this is that main stream media is claiming a ‘Biden Win’ across the very platforms that are not flagging the content the same as they are flagging the Presidents posts or tweets.

Here is another example of how twitter is NOT flagging mainstream media claims that are FALSE and the picture for their article sure does look awfully violence related…

VERY clear lines have been drawn in the sand, and it is time for people to DEMAND justice.




  1. I wouldn’t go so far as to wish either of these two corrupt crud balls to be dead, but both of them should be fired as quickly as possible. Wray is simply deep state and from the beginning his job has been to bury what he could and slow walk the balance-he’s done that very well and it has certainly earned him a spot in the unemployment line. Fauci is a different case entirely-he, too, is deep state but he is much more than that. If one inspects date on COVID from around the world you would find that of sixteen countries studied, ten used hydroxychloroquine (HCQ) to treat their patients and six did not. The ten who used it had a death rate 80% lower than the six who didn’t (which includes the US). Democrats talk about the 200,000+ deaths in the US and have decided to blame President Trump for all of them (what is ludicrous is that Fauci financed development of the virus, though told specifically not to by Obama). Fauci then convinced Trump’s enemies (of which he is one) that HCQ was dangerous and shouldn’t be used. Of those 200,000 deaths, roughly 160,000 of them could have been avoided but for Fauci’s caution. Add to that the fact that he did recommend HCQ for use with the H1N1 pandemic when Obama was president. In my opinion, Fauci should be charged with genocide for the deaths of those 160,000 people and I’m willing to allow the law to determine his finale.

  2. The weak livered repubublicans fold like a cheap suit when confronted about anything; they have no backbone and won’t fight for our President who won against all odds. Hope they enjoy the beginning of socialism in this country. Wish they could all be booted out and replaced with some genuine conservatives.


  4. It is amazing so much corruption, so many lies, so many people saying it is good to win by cheating, and so many fools trying to convince the World
    that a liar, thief and the most corrupt person in American politics is good to have? The only reason a thief would be celebrated is by other thieves .
    Really Britain you think a thief and communist is good to have? Maybe you could see ways to buy your wants? What other reason? It means that if
    XI from China was running you would support him also? Have you all sunk so far into the mud you can not crawl out? Shame on all of you fake and corrupt people and may you all sink further in the mud so you never get out to push your corruption on others again!

  5. sure is WONDERFUL though when the democrats tell people to riot and kill people and burn everything down.
    This guy is TALKING about it. The democrats DO IT! Huge difference!

  6. It is getting real close to the patriots using their 2nd amendment to take our country back. We will see here in a couple of weeks. I pray that the courts do the right thing. We have at least 10 states that need a do over election. Without that there I’d probably no other way other then the 2nd.


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