Whoa…Mayor Pete Buttigieg Just Flipped


The former mayor of sleepy little South Bend, Indiana, Pete Buttigieg, has set his sights on much bigger things. Now that he’s on Joe Biden’s “transition team” he’s flipped head over heels in love with his former opponent. The one who “supported the worst foreign policy decision made by the United States” in his lifetime.

Buttigieg ready to overlook the past

Pete Buttigieg has always been in favor of packing the Supreme Court and he’s terrified that Amy Coney Barrett may someday nullify his gay marriage. That’s why he agrees with Biden that it’s unconstitutional for Donald Trump to appoint a Supreme Court Justice. He’s miffed over the idea that President Trump or any other president can “just snap their fingers and do it” to appoint a Supreme Court Justice.

Since he and Biden share the same enemy, Buttigieg decided to overlook the past and join forces. His LGBTQ agenda highlights that liberals don’t bother to actually read the Constitution, they just use their own interpretation of it to do as they please. After all, isn’t that what judges are for?

Just because Joe Biden made terrible policy decisions, like “the decision to invade Iraq,” that’s all in the past and there is no reason for Pete Buttigieg to dwell on it, especially since he’s part of Joe’s new government once they manage their own little coup d’etat. Besides that, Kamala has every right to pack the court once she gains power and she’ll probably bring some of her weed along and let Pete help pick out names for the 6 new Justices they plan to add.

You can’t do that

Liberals are still stunned by the recent revelations that the CIA tried to press criminal charges against Hillary, and then Hunter Biden lost track of an errant laptop loaded with incriminating evidence of how he sold access to his VIP VP dad for fun and profit.

When President Donald Trump and the Republican Senate majority do their job, it must be unconstitutional whether it says so in the constitution or not. Buttigieg assured Chris Wallace at Faux News, the constitution means what they think it means, not what it says.


Buttigieg is terrified that Barrett will criminalize his gay marriage so he’s standing up for Biden’s false accusation that Coney Barrett’s appointment is unconstitutional. It’s not in the spirit of the Constitution nor the spirit of our legal system or political system for them to do this,” the ex-mayor theorized.

“Most Americans believe, as I do, as Joe Biden does, that the American people ought to have a say.” Americans do have a say. We elected a Republican majority Senate and President Donald Trump. We also live in a republic, not a mob rule democracy.

Last year, Buttigieg embraced the 15-member Supreme Court idea. Even if Barrett’s appointment is actually legal, he argues, there’s no reason whatsoever not to have 6 brand new George Soros approved members on the supreme court. “I think bipartisan reform with the purpose of reducing the politicization of the court is a really promising idea.”


  1. Somewhere a person who got 4,000 votes in a democrat rubber stamp victory to be mayor city with race and law enforcement problems thinks he’s qualified to be President. Well, maybe a transition team cheerleader.


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