Whoa…Large Numbers of Democrats Turn on Biden Family

Biden Joe Hunter Burisma

Joe Biden and his family are involved in some shady business dealings overseas. Even if Sleepy Joe wins the White House, his problems aren’t going away. Now some Democrats are demanding answers.

American voters want answers

A new poll shows that one-third of registered Democrats think that a special counsel should be initiated to investigate Joe Biden’s accusations of corruption. The poll taken by Just The News Daily asked voters: “If Joe Biden becomes President, should a special counsel be appointed to investigate allegations of corruption involving his family’s dealings with China and Ukraine?”

The survey took place between November 12-14 and included 1,200 participants. 52% answered “Yes,” that a special counsel should be assembled to examine the acquisitions that the Biden family was involved in some potentially shady business deals.

81% of Republicans were in favor of the special counsel. No surprise there. But here’s the more interesting part. 32% of Democrats were in support of an investigation.

One Republican Senator is already preparing an investigation, should Sleepy Joe make it into the White House in January.

Senator Ron Johnson of Wisconsin was on a Fox Business interview when he said, “You know, I am not a big fan of special counsels, but if Joe Biden wins the presidency, I don’t see how you avoid one. Otherwise, this is going to be, you know, tucked away, and we will never know what happened. All this evidence is going to be buried, so I think we have to have a special counsel if he wins.”

Biden Joe Hunter Democrats Ukraine Scandal

Biden crime family

Trump has been calling out Joe Biden and his family’s shady business dealings for years. Just recently, The New York Post published a bombshell article tying Joe to his son Hunter’s business deals in the Ukraine.

In a bone-headed move, Hunter Biden abandoned his laptop at a Delaware repair shop. The hard drive contained a treasure trove of evidence. One email suggests that in 2015 Vice President Joe Biden met with a top executive at Burisma, the Ukrainian gas company where Hunter was employed.

One year later Joe Biden was in the Ukraine, forcing the sitting President to fire a prosecutor who was investigating Burisma. Biden threatened to withhold a billion dollar loan to the Ukraine that would essentially bankrupt the country.

The prosecutor was fired and Hunter Biden went on to make millions sitting on the board of directors of Burisma, despite having no experience in the gas industry.

Another email shows Hunter Biden was involved with a Chinese energy company and he was looking to pursue lasting and lucrative deals for him and his family.

Joe Biden claims he never received any money from any of his son’s business dealings, but witnesses are saying otherwise. Hunter Biden’s former business partner, Tony Bobulinski, came forward and said that Joe Biden was absolutely involved and knew about everything, even taking a large cut of these deals which were only made possible because of his position as Vice President.


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