Whitewater Prosecutor Goes on Live TV, Drops Doozie About Durham Investigation


Former Whitewater prosecutor Robert Ray appeared on Fox’s exclusive special “Witch Hunt,” which first went live Sunday evening. It wasn’t long before he dropped a real doozie. Obama era officials “in positions of authority” will be held accountable for “a political scandal of the highest order.”

Using Whitewater experience to analyze Obamagate

Obamagate is “a political scandal of the highest order” which the American people should be paying close attention to, whether anyone goes to jail or not, Robert Ray insists. He tangled with Bill and Hillary Clinton in the Whitewater case and came up empty handed. He thinks the outcome will be much different this time.

Ray insists that Obama era officials, especially those “in positions of authority,” must be held accountable for intentionally hiding information from both the court and from Michael Flynn’s defense counsel. Because United State Attorney John Durham is spearheading a criminal investigation with grand-jury authority, Ray is totally convinced that Attorney General William Barr expects prosecutions.

Ray took over the investigation started by Kenneth Starr in 1992 as a probe into Bill and Hillary Clinton’s real estate investments with Jim and Susan McDougal. The Whitewater Development Corporation went belly up instead of developing vacation properties on land along the White River. The McDougals were up to their eyeballs in the failure of Madison Guaranty Savings and Loan. Bill and Hillary Clinton were soon named as witnesses in the Madison Guaranty case. The Clintons were never prosecuted, due to “insufficient evidence linking them with the criminal conduct of others” in the land scheme. Bill soon pardoned Susan McDougal for her role in the conspiracy.

Nothing but a witch hunt

Gregg Jarrett, the legal analyst over at Fox News is hosting “an in-depth overview of the Russia probe.” The name of the show is no accident. The entire Russia fiasco was topped off by the entrapment of President Trump’s national security adviser, which escalates the level of criminality up a notch to a treasonous plot to overthrow a sitting president. Before that, it was only Watergate on steroids.

The Department of Injustice was forced to throw their case against Flynn in the trash when notes they had been carefully hiding finally saw the light of day. They showed that the Federal Bureau of Instigation entrapped Michael Flynn into lying to them. It was a total set up.

According to the Whitewater special prosecutor, Durham’s special probe will get to the bottom of “the FBI’s mishandling of Flynn’s case.” This isn’t a simple mistake, or even a bunch of simple mistakes, this is supervisors signing off on intentional lies to be used in court as evidence. As Ray explains, “I imagine there are people who are in the know who may well have knowingly withheld information from the court and from defense counsel in connection with the Michael Flynn prosecution.”

All of the lies and false statements will add up when presented to a jury. “If it turns out that that can be proved, then there are going to be referrals… prosecutions to hold those, particularly those in positions of authority, accountable.”



    • The reason there was not enough evidence in the White Water cases with Bill & Hillary and others is because the FBI Deleted and hid and Destroy Evidence Period just like they have been Doing in Hillary,s Email Scandal Period Your TAX Dollars Not at Work Here

      • Apparently everyone has forgotten the reason the the Murrah Building was blown up and the rubble was classified ‘Top Secret’.

        The evidence for Whitewater Prosecution was being stored in the Murrah Bldg!

        With the case building up the only way to stop the CONVICTION of Bill and Hillary was to destroy the evidence TOTALLY!

        Just one more small (?) episode in the Clinton extravaganza that we have all watched and some of us have wondered just how someone can get to “bullet-proof”?

    • It is a sad situation. Out of all the things that have been uncovered, my guess is that not a one of the “big boys” will ever see one day in jail.


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