White Teen Raped By Obama’s Thugs, Corpse Fed to Wild Animals

wild animals

When it comes to the controversial group Black Lives Matter, isn’t it about time that we call a spade a spade? This activist (read: domestic terror) continues to call for massacring white people, and Obama never told them to back off. Egad, people are literally starting to act like wild animals here. 

Those of us who love America realize that this hateful rhetoric is only going to continue to metastasize as many more examples will start to come our way. 

One case in point might have occurred all the way back in 2009 when New York teenager Brittanee Drexel went missing when she was on a spring break trip to Myrtle Beach.

Although the FBI investigated the case for many years, every lead they investigated failed to pan out. Although they weren’t able to completely figure out what happened to this young girl until just recently, now that the truth has come out it is yet another example of how racial tensions were NOT improved for the better under the leadership of Barack Hussein Obama. Unfortunately, they were made MUCH worse. 

You see, the jailhouse confession of inmate Taquan Brown has put an end to some of the questions surrounding the mysterious disappearance of Ms. Drexel. To his credit, Brown actually told FBI and prison officials everything he knew about this mysterious Caucasian teenager’s disappearance. 

Brown divulged everything he knew during a bail bond hearing, detailing how he saw the long-disappeared teen during her final moments.

He said that Brittanee was kidnapped by a group of thugs, taken to a stash house, and then gang-raped and shot. The group took the teen’s body to an alligator pit and she was devoured by wild animals as well! 

Of course, talk goes a long way in the prison yards, because there was a Daily Mail report that detailed yet another inmate who was sentenced to voluntary manslaughter for 25 years who also said that he too knew what had become of the young woman. 

Of course, we know several things regarding this story. First, it’s good that answers are coming out so that the family can get some closure.

Second, why hasn’t this story gone viral? I’ll tell you why: because it doesn’t fit the media’s narrative! Black on white crime is much worse than white on black crime, but if you say that in mixed company, you’d better get ready for the race card! 

Folks, we are in a fight for the soul of this nation. If you want more incidents like this to happen, then all you have to do is stay home in November. But if you don’t, then you should show up at the voting booth and not buy any of the media lies about President Trump and proudly cast your ballot for him once more. Don’t let thugs like this kidnap somebody and then feed their body to wild animals, no less! 


  1. If I was a Democrat KKK I would do the same to those thugs! I’m not so I wait for George Soros Manufactured Race War & guess what? If any American Patriot sees Soros & Fails the Task of Killing the WWII Nazi SS Member(SOROS) then you will be no better than them-COWARDS!

    • He is protected by Satan, unless God gives the ok to kill him, he can’t be touched, but the good news is his age, Satan will soon have him, he believes he will rule planet Earth with Satan, imagine his terror when he find out Satan lied

  2. What on flat Earth does Obama have to do with this? Anything just to smear him, knowing that Trump followers are ready to believe anything, no matter how ridiculous?!

    • Not ridiculous. Racial tensions much worse under Obama. He had BLM( avowed marxists in the White House on multiple occasions. This was when they constantly marched calling to kill police officers. Then the reality was seen in the slaughter of numerous white police officers. Maxine Waters, AOC, Talib, Pelosi and Schumer have never come forward and condemned the rioting murder and burning of cities going on under the Marxist BLM and Antifa, Obama never once called the BLM anarchists out and instead supported them. Obama was ready to call out police on each occasion the MSM pushed the race card and incorrectly portrayed the furgeson case as hands up don’t shoot. Proven that Police officer was defending himself from a punk thug. Yet Obama came out and supported the fake media .he stood in front of the camera saying that Devon could be his son, while bashing the police force. Did he apologize to the police or American people for being wrong? Nope. Did the MSM apologize. Nope. In fact even after it was found the eye witnesses lied, they continued to push out the hands up don’t shoot narrative. Obama was nothing but a race baiter in chief . All he’s ever been is a community organizer mentored by Bill Ayers Rev. Wright. He was responsible for creating this whole racism narrative. The country has never been less racist than under Trump. The BLM, Antifa and MSM are pushing a false narrative in hopes of bringing the country down. Add the sports world and Hollywood and all this crap unfolds. BLM has never been about social justice. It’s been all about tearing down thIs country. Marxists and anarchists should be taken out. They are both domestic terrorist groups who are anything but peaceful. George Soros funded scumbags.

    • Under the Obama reign, black on white violence skyrocketed to never before heard of numbers! Obama by his insertion into daily events and comments on the injustice of white police against blacks gave the black community the Okay to go ahead and commit crimes! You seem to have forgotten the Blacks favorite games! Knockout and Hunting Polar Bears were played literally everyday against innocent white Americans. The goal was to knock out any white person with one punch while being filmed! And 99% of the time, the perpetrators were not caught! Thousands were injured and even killed! That is Obama! That is trash! He perpetuated the upheaval of race relations and promotion of islamic terrorism!

    • Ridiculous? no it’s not, Obama is Soros’s sycophant. I called him the divider n chief, he set back race relations to the 1960s

    • Actually it doesn’t have anything to do with Obama other than the fact that HE could of used his time as president to better relationships between the blacks and whites but chose instead to consistently turn every thing that happened into a white on black race issue even when it clearly was not. He could of told all of us to let the police do their jobs and see how it goes but he chose instead to side every time with the criminal before he had any proof he was on the right side. Prior to him taking office we did not have the BLM, nor did our nation need it. Now we not only have it but they are not for black lives but for turning our nation into Venezuela. They could care less about blacks. Then when you did not agree with his policies it was because you were racist. The schools started teaching that whites were privileged, all whites are racist, and whites oppress blacks which is bull crap. Racism is taught and few whites bother to teach their children to be racist. Whites are not privileged but blacks have all black colleges, mags like Ebony, grants for college and to start businesses just for blacks, dozens of organizations, TV shows and on and on, not to mention they go to the same schools all the other children go to. They can buy houses, become doctors, lawyers, the president, and teachers, buy cars, and they get paid the same as any other race. Obama could of put a stop to the lies but he chose not to and to encourage them instead.

    • Yeah. I agree but only to a point. After all, he and his hatchet man Eric Holder said not a word about the facts of the Michael Brown case, which was that there was no “hands up, don’t shoot.” That was a lie started by Brown’s ‘partner in crime’ who was with him, and which the media repeated, leading to it being picked up by so-called “witnesses” who were nothing of the sort. The ONLY real witness to the case, besides Brown’s lying friend, was a woman from the neighborhood who spoke to police and testified in front of the grand jury, but otherwise remained silent and anonymous because she feared retaliation by people in the community. Why? Because what she witnessed going down was EXACTLY what Officer Wilson reported happened. What the corrupt media failed to report was the other ‘so-called’ witnesses all recanted their stories once they learned an actual witness had testified differently, and they would face jail time if found to have been committing perjury in front of the grand jury. Neither Obama nor Holder told the rioting mob that Michael Brown was not an innocent victim, which they KNEW was the case. Instead they remained silent and allowed the false narrative to be repeated in the media. And what’s far worse, Holder attended Brown’s funeral playing the part if a sympathizer, further promoting the false narrative that he had been murdered.

      • Well, it appears Irish19 was authoring his piece at the same time I was mine, and we subsequently hit on some of the same points. I’ll just add that the forensics also proved the story “Hands up. Don’t shoot” was a lie. How? Brown was shot several times in the arm and leg as he charged Officer Wilson. But none of those shots were fatal. He was killed by a single round that penetrated his skull through the top if his head. He was 6’3″ while Wilson was like 5’8″. According to Brown’s friend the officer shot him to death as he stood about 20 feet away with his hands up. Really? Then how did a round go through the TOP of his head? The little liar couldn’t say. Well, the REAL story is, as he was running from the officer, he finally stopped and turned with his hand partly up. Wilson told him repeatedly to get down on the ground, but he failed to comply. Clearly he was trying to decide what he would do next. That was to once again attack the police officer. Wilson reported that he then charged him, coming at him like a linebacker. And the real witness stated the same thing. The fact that this witness was found by investigating officers and Wilson never spoke with that person supports the story. And both stated Wilson fired multiple rounds at Brown as he ran at the officer. It was only when the round struck him in the head that he was stopped. He fell dead, killed instantly by that shot. Obama and Holder knew thus but didn’t say a word about it publicly. They could have and should have. And they should have added that the riots must stop because they were wrongly blaming a police officer who came under attack from an individual who had just conducted assault subsequent to larceny at a convenient store minutes before the officer met up with him AND he was found to have had an extraordinarily large amount if THC in his bloodstream, suggesting he may have been high at the time, which would explain his inordinately hostile and violent behavior toward the officer. NONE of this was done by Obama or Holder although they knew the publicized story of Brown being a victim of police abuse was false.

        I am convinced at thus point that both Obama and Holder are sitting back and smiling at their handy work in pushing this false narrative. THIS is what Obama meant by “fundamentally transforming America.” It was ‘burn it to the ground.’

  3. I’d bet she was a girl with “Daddy Issues” and when she went to college she started dabbling in “The Dark Side” like a lot of white girls who were away to school and partying on mom and dad’s dime.
    On the side I’d bet she started turning tricks in college for the money and the thrill and she got involved with these guys thinking they’d pay big bucks and she’d have had the fantasy date of a lifetime. Now to you limp dicks and less than worldly type this actually happens a lot. the last public case was the girl in college in Utah, a nice, white, mormon girl who met a “regular” trick – black guy at 3 am and he raped her and killed. Why would she leave her dorm room at 3 am for a date with a black guy at random who it turned out was a regular customer who felt like turning evil. As for these shit bags, they are mentally deranged repeat offenders and career felons. This dumb ass white girl was just an easy mark.

  4. White-on-black crime = man-bites-dog. Black-on-white crime = dog-bites-man. Regardless of any news stories, rational whites understand that blacks are many, many times more dangerous than whites.

  5. Hopefully Taquan will give up the names of these black neanderthals and they can be treated the same way they treated this young girl – – hideous thought, but they deserve it.

    • I agree with you 100% in hope he will give up the names of these black barbarians. But please don’t class them with Neanderthals who were far superior to them. They have been found to be much more intelligent than previously thought and it is unlikely they would have killed this girl and fed her to alligators.

  6. You will probably find out they are the ones on the streets screaming for defund and get rid of the police. Hmmm, I don’t get just why the killers would want the police to be non existent any more. So many of these so called protestors have turned out to have nice long records.

  7. More than likely the white girl was a product of #whoresnation, how else would she have put herself in that position????

  8. The real start of the problem was started in the 60’s with President Johnson rule. Break up the family. The Dem. feeding the fire.

  9. 1969 Vietnam, E6 Negro would use going into Villages searching for NVA, Viet Cong, Sympathizers & they would take women into bunkers, rape, then kill them without any repercussions, we got tired of the murdering & started letting them eat frags. Libs eat shit & die!


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