White Teen Raped By Obama’s Thugs, Corpse Fed to Wild Animals

wild animals

When it comes to the controversial group Black Lives Matter, isn’t it about time that we call a spade a spade? This activist (read: domestic terror) continues to call for massacring white people, and Obama never told them to back off.

Those of us who love America realize that this hateful rhetoric is only going to continue to metastasize as many more examples will start to come our way. 

One case in point might have occurred all the way back in 2009 when New York teenager Brittanee Drexel went missing when she was on a spring break trip to Myrtle Beach.

Although the FBI investigated the case for many years, every lead they investigated failed to pan out. Although they weren’t able to completely figure out what happened to this young girl until just recently, now that the truth has come out it is yet another example of how racial tensions were NOT improved for the better under the leadership of Barack Hussein Obama. Unfortunately, they were made MUCH worse. 

You see, the jailhouse confession of inmate Taquan Brown has put an end to some of the questions surrounding the mysterious disappearance of Ms. Drexel. To his credit, Brown actually told FBI and prison officials everything he knew about this mysterious Caucasian teenager’s disappearance. 

Brown divulged everything he knew during a bail bond hearing, detailing how he saw the long-disappeared teen during her final moments.

He said that Brittanee was kidnapped by a group of thugs, taken to a stash house, and then gang-raped and shot. The group took the teen’s body to an alligator pit and she was devoured by these animals as well! 

Of course, talk goes a long way in the prison yards, because there was a Daily Mail report that detailed yet another inmate who was sentenced to voluntary manslaughter for 25 years who also said that he too knew what had become of the young woman. 

Of course, we know several things regarding this story. First, it’s good that answers are coming out so that the family can get some closure.

Second, why hasn’t this story gone viral? I’ll tell you why: because it doesn’t fit the media’s narrative! Black on white crime is much worse than white on black crime, but if you say that in mixed company, you’d better get ready for the race card! 

Folks, we are in a fight for the soul of this nation. If you want more incidents like this to happen, then all you have to do is stay home in November. But if you don’t, then you should show up at the voting booth and not buy any of the media lies about President Trump and proudly cast your ballot for him once more.


  1. It seems white liberal tolerence has produced results I have seen coming for many years.
    Having lived in Africa for 13 years I know things most cannot imagine.

  2. Racial tensions metastasized by Obama along with his destructive foreign polices. Today that hatred is reflecting in actions of looting, destroying and killing. Attempting to correct his terrible actions will take years. Meanwhile Obama blames Trump who has done nothing more than attempt to help erase the racial hatred Obama fostered.

  3. The headline of this story was “Obama thugs.” Now I am certainly no fan of anyone by the name of Obama, but I am a fan of truth. Throughout the body of the article, I found no reference whatsoever to anyone by the name of Obama. Therefore, the headline was highly misleading. If you want to get down on Obama, fine. Cite his history as a traitor eminently worthy of being hanged and a liar and generally the Demo’rat scum of the earth, but do not connect him to other scum that he has no relationship to.


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