White House Buckles to Democrat Pressure

Trump decides to fight another day.


When the White House announced it was going to host the 2020 G7 summit at Trump’s Doral resort, Democrats added an emoluments violation to the impeachment list.

With growing pressure and criticism of site selection, the White House has now decided to scrap the plans and will select a new site to host the conference.

The Fine Line

There were several properties up for the bid, but Doral reportedly came in with the cheapest bid as well as having some of the best accommodations available for the summit.

The White House stated it made its decision based on these factors and it had nothing to with the property being owned by the President’s business.

Democrats were not buying that reasoning, though, and had already started putting pen to paper to craft legislation that would have blocked Trump from using Doral as the site of the summit.

The bill was creatively called Trump’s Heist Undermines the G7 Act, which quickly became known as the THUG Act in Congress.

Use that word against a minority and you are considered a racist. Use it against the President of the United States and you get a pat on the pack and a big thumb’s up by the media.

Rather than continue to do battle on this, Trump decided to cancel Doral but not before he ripped Democrats on Twitter…

The Right Move

Even though the White House caved to Dems, former Arkansas Governor Mike Huckabee believes this was the right thing to do.

He stated, “I think the president made the right move to say we are not going to go there. It’s just something he doesn’t need to add to the plate. His plate’s overwhelmed with things he’s being criticized for.”

Huckabee further defended Trump, saying, “For them [the media] to try to make it that Donald Trump was even considering Doral because he was going to feather his own nest, my gosh, the man gives away every single penny of his entire presidential salary.

“He’s a billionaire. He doesn’t need the revenue from a G-7 conference to be able to pay his electric bill next month. This is absurd.”

Honestly, this was a disaster right from the start and Trump would have been better served to take his properties out of the running right out of the gate.

This was done to poke the bear, and it worked, but he really cannot afford these “scandals” while this impeachment is going on.

Democrats look at this like Trump is thumbing his nose at them and they are probably right, but all he is doing is giving them more fodder and ammunition to use against him.

While we all know the entire impeachment case is a joke, far too many people in this country are buying the narrative Democrats are selling so now, more than ever, Trump needs to walk very carefully to avoid giving Democrats anything to latch onto.

So, yes, while the White House caved, I do agree with Huckabee that in this case, it was the right move to make.


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