Whistleblower Spills the Beans and its NOT Good

Photo Courtesy of Alachua County via Creative Commons License

China recently reported its first day of no new cases, leading many to believe the recovery from the coronavirus has begun.

That, according to a whistleblower, is all a lie.

Global Deception

China made the mistake of jousting with President Trump over the origin of the Wuhan Virus (coronavirus or COVID-19).

After state-run media stated the virus had been planted by United States soldiers, Trump has made it a point of calling it the Chinese virus at every press conference as has Secretary of State Mike Pompeo.

This has all been going on as the numbers here in the United States rise and reported numbers in China fall.

After its first reported day of no new cases, the head of the World Health Organization even sent China a well-done regarding the job it has done to fight this virus.

We have also seen reports that life in China is finally started to get back to normal

People have been permitted to travel within the country and businesses were slowly opening back up.

Caixin, however, recently reported that the entire recovery narrative is bogus.

Factories and businesses may appear to up and running, but it is allegedly nothing more than a ruse.

According to the report, businesses are being told to run power to make it appear as though they are conducting normal business and, in some cases, subsidies are covering the cost of utilities.

Caixin reported that some of these businesses “would rather waste a small amount of money on power than irritate local officials.”

The outlet also stated there is a recent flood of videos on social media with residents yelling “Fake, it’s all fake” regarding the government’s portrayal of the recovery.

If this report is accurate, it could mean global problems for China.

The country is already under considerable scrutiny for its alleged delay of circulating accurate information about the outbreak during its early stages.

If China is found to faking the recovery, it is hard to imagine that the country would not face considerable action from major powers around the globe.


  1. 1 funeral director in china ordered 5000 urn’s. That’s 1, china is lying in a big way and you can believe nothing they say, this is biological war and china did this on purpose.

  2. Gerald Geirr, you hit the nail on the head. All 3 of the aforementioned are the world’s biggest liars. I cant believe how many kool aid drinkers believe the BS they try to give us.

  3. Now since Trump has convinced his supporters to not believe anything unless he say it, what the USA inteeligence agencies say means nothing to them. The factr is in Trump’s intel;ligencce reports it says that most of the hard hit areas in China are up and running at about 70% that includes factories and othr businesses. So either the intelligence repports are lying or this article is, now I would trust the inmtelligence community before anyone else.


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