Whistle Blower Smoke Screen Brought On By Desperate Democrats


President Trump Says ‘Whistle Blower’ Is All The Work Of A Partisan Hatchet Job

There is a new controversy brewing that has some Democrats thinking they will be receiving an early Christmas present. The new allegations against the president is that he had a phone call with a Ukrainian official.

During the phone call allegedly President Trump was asking for help with the 2020 election. This new issue came about after a ‘whistle blower’ says that the president made promises to the official in the Ukraine in exchange for help with the election.

The whistle blower, claims the director of intelligence knew about this and failed to report it to Congress. The President and his Administration, are saying this is an ‘ongoing attempt to discredit him as the president’.

Several leftist MSM ‘news’ outlets have reported the official that the President communicated with is in the Ukraine. Mr. Trump’s personal attorney former NYC Mayor Rudy Giuliani appeared on CNN Thursday night to address the controversy. However Giuliani made inconsistent statements, and his appearance raised more questions than answers. A confidential source said that the President is going to be making changes regarding Giuliani

President Trump Insists He ‘Did Nothing Improper’ & This Is Another Smear Attempt Brought on By The Desperate Left

Trump held a meeting for reporters in the Oval Office as visiting Australian Prime Minster Scott Morrison looked on. Mr. Trump said he has no idea who the ‘whistle blower’ is. POTUS admitted to making the phone call and said that Joe Biden’s connections to the Ukraine also needs to be investigated.

Trump went on to say all of the media’s attacks against him this week has amounted to ‘nothing as usual’. He said the press had a bad week, and the score is currently 22 to 0, “I’ll keep it that way” Trump said.

Early Friday morning, POTUS took to Twitter to blast Adam Schiff. The Democratic California Congressman who is the Chairman of the House Intelligence Committee (HOC). Trump and Schiff have traded insults for the last 2.5 years.

Mr President said, “The Radical Left Democrats and their fake news partners, headed up again by Little Adam Schiff”. Trump went on, “they think I may have had a dicey conversation with a certain foreign leader. This is based on a highly partisan whistle blower’s statement”.

The President Says Several Other People Have Knowledge Of The Phone Call & It was Legal

President Trump said that several other people on both sides of the aisle have knowledge of the phone call. The president says it’s strange, that if it’s so illegal, no one else has come forward.

Trump said the phone call ‘was pitch perfect’ it was not improper or illegal. Several supporters and allies of the President were quick to come out fighting for him. They spent Friday morning defending the president against the ongoing partisan attacks.

Former acting attorney general Matthew Whitaker said ‘it will all amount to a big nothing burger, as all the rest of the attacks’. Giuliani and other Trump allies have brought up Joe Biden and his son Hunter Biden. They say that’s what needs to be investigated. It was implied that Biden had improper dealings with the Ukraine, and this ‘whistle blower’ story is a smoke screen to mask the truth about Biden.



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