While Everyone Was Distracted by Super Bowl, Terror Attack Shocks the World

Terror Attack London
Photo via CBS News YouTube Video Screenshot

The world was shocked by another terror attack on Sunday in London.

Sudesh Amman, 20, has been identified as the culprit in the terrorist attack, stabbing two people in the Streatham area.

Amman was shot and killed at the scene by London police officers.

So Much for Gun Control

If there has been one thing that I have been adamant about over the years, it is that evil always finds a way.

When it comes to those that want to harm others, they will do it with a gun, a knife, a vehicle, or a shard of glass if need be.

Revoking the Second Amendment does only one thing… it unarms law-abiding citizens and makes them more vulnerable to attacks.

Quick Decision

London has found itself as a haven for terrorist attacks, but they are rarely denoted as such this early in the investigation.

Even as this story was breaking in real-time, police had already designated this attack as being “Islamist-related.”

Police had not formally identified Amman, but they were fairly confident of his ID.

Metropolitan Police Deputy Assistant Commissioner Lucy D’Orsi stated, “Although the suspect has not been formally identified, given the circumstances of the incident, we are confident that he was Sudesh Amman.”

In all, there were three victims, two being stabbing victims and the third was believed to have suffered injuries from shattered glass during the shooting.

All three were taken to local hospitals with injuries that were described as minor to life-threatening.

Liberal Laws Put Lives in Danger

London has laws in place similar to the new movement we are seeing here in the United States in terms of making it easier for criminals to be released back into the public.

In Amman’s case, he was released after having served half of a three-year sentence of possession and distribution of extremist materials.

Amman was released with a curfew and authorities were ordered to continue to surveil him.

This happened even though authorities expressed concerns that he was still using language that suggested he still held his extremist views.

In essence, authorities put a man back on the streets they fully knew would probably act on his extremist beliefs, but the current laws demanded his release.

After the attack, new UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson stated that he would soon be announcing “further plans for fundamental changes to the system for dealing with those convicted of terrorism offenses.”

If we allow this current class of Democrats to gain more power in Washington, this is our future, patriots.

Look no further than what is happening in New York City recently as proof that being soft on criminals simply does not work.

It is just one more reason to vote Republican right down the line when it comes time to pull the handle on election day.

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  1. Never, never, never vote for a Democrat (i.e. Socialist Despot) unless you are willing to live under a corrupt tyranny where a dual system of justice only applies to you not them; (See the Biden Crime Family, the Clinton Crime Family, the Kerry/Hines Crime Family, Deep State Bureaucrats, etc….) in other words, no system of justice at all.


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