While California Burns, THIS is What California Senator Kamala Harris is Doing…

Time for Harris to get back to work!


One would think that with the state literally going up in flames, Kamala Harris would want to suspend her campaign and return to California to help in any way possible.

That, however, is not how she is occupying her time these days.

Dancing for Dollars

Instead of performing her congressional duties and more importantly, instead of tending to the needs of her constituents, Harris remains on the campaign trail with stunts like this…

Now, it would be one thing if Harris was a front-runner with a real chance to win this race, but she isn’t even close.

If that were the case, she could lean on her fellow members of Congress from her home state to pick up the slack.

Oh, wait a minute, they are too busy leading the impeachment of Trump to be worried about their state going up in flames.

Two of the leaders of the circus, Representative Nancy Pelosi and Rep. Adam Schiff, also represent California but I would have to question the last time they actually did anything for the people they were elected to represent.

It’s Over Kamala, Get Back to Work!

The reality of the situation is that Kamala Harris’ campaign is over and has been for quite some time.

She made a nice splash in the first debate but it has been all downhill ever since.

Today, Harris is generating less than five percent support in polls, so her campaign is essentially over at this point.

Point being, she should have already suspended her campaign and be doing what the people of her state elected her to do.

This is a perfect argument for making those holding a current office that are running for a different office to resign before announcing their candidacy.

You simply cannot do the job of a Senator when you are running for the presidency and traveling all over the country.

Harris should either be in California or working her butt off in D.C. trying to help her constituents, not dancing like a showgirl at some event to get more support for her failing presidential run.

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