Well This is Weird…Georgia County Unable to Duplicate Election Night Results


Something really weird happened after the Georgia recount that raises serious questions about election integrity but the county officials are quick to ignore them. No matter how hard they tried, they couldn’t get the numbers to match what came up on election night. Instead of throwing the whole mess out as compromised, they certified the unreproducible result that came in on election night.

Georgia can’t make the count match so ignored it

Glaring irregularities cropped up during the election in several states states this year, but despite all the problems, everyone is rushing to validate the fraudulent results and quickly dispose of the evidence. Georgia is one of the fiercest battlegrounds over election fraud.

The letter Coffee County officials wrote to their secretary of state should set off alarm bells. They admit they can’t get the numbers to match so they approved the initial count as accurate. When things like that happen in the household checkbook register, someone ends up paying a hefty overdraft fee soon after.

Residents of Coffee County, Georgia are furious to find out, as Gateway Pundit relates, that their election officials “couldn’t duplicate their numbers with the fancy voting machines.”

The checkbook didn’t balance so they say the bank must be wrong. “they went with their original numbers.” If the tiny county of Coffee can’t balance the election books, how can the numbers in big city districts be trusted?

The county board spelled out in detail exactly how inaccurate and incredible their results were, then turned right around and put their seal of approval on the election night count, simply because those were the numbers that came up first.

Apparently, they couldn’t get the equipment used across Georgia to come up with the same set of numbers twice, no matter what the count was. To them, it meant Bidens supposed win was solid enough to put in the bank. That check is going to bounce like a super-ball.


Board can’t certify recount so they approve the count

Last Friday, December 4, the board of elections for Coffee County wrote to Georgia Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger, to state for the record, they “cannot certify the electronic recount numbers.”

The reason why is because of their “inability to repeatedly duplicate creditable election results.” No matter how many times they ran the ballots through they kept getting a different number. That’s not good. Even they seem to understand that.

Any system, they write, “financial, voting, or otherwise, that is not repeatable nor dependable should not be used.” It was used though, and not just in Georgia. “To demand certification of patently inaccurate results neither serves the objective of the electoral system nor satisfies the legal obligation to certify the electronic recount.”

Patriotic Americans agree wholeheartedly. They even attached their evidence. “I am enclosing a spread sheet which illuminates that the electronic recount lacks credibility.”

They start off strong on their conclusion but take a sharp turn right over a cliff at the end. “NO local election board” they write, in Georgia or anywhere else, “has the ability to reconcile the anomalies reflected in the attached.”

They are absolutely right and each and every tainted and unverified ballot should go straight into the trash. Right? Not to the indoctrinated election officials. “Accordingly, the Coffee County Board of Elections and Registration have voted to certify the votes cast in the election night report.” Voters are left stunned. For a long time everyone has been wondering “do we have laws anymore?” Now we wonder if anyone has any sense at all.


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