Well Endowed Lawmaker Brings Heat Over ‘Outfit Choices’

Photo via Facebook / DeputadaPaulinha

A Brazilian lawmaker is turning heads, and not for her policy decisions.

Ana Paula da Silva, called Paulinha by locals, decided to wear a rather revealing dress on her first day as a member of the Brazilian state of Santa Catarina’s Legislative Assembly.

Lawmaker Wow Factor

Most politicians are criticized and abused online for their policies, not what they wore to the office that day.

In the case of da Silva, that was completely reversed.

Her striking red dress also had a plunging neckline, leaving little to the imagination.

While some encouraged her outfit selection for the day, others wondered if she had been out clubbing the night before and came right to work.

Some even chose to refer to her as the “representative of prostitutes.”


Paulinha did not take the comments lightly and has already threatened legal action against her trolls.

She stated that any financial decision will be donated to charity.

While the lawmaker was interviewing with a local network, she stated, “I thought people were going to talk about the red, but they just focused on the cleavage.”

She also stated, “Women have breasts and I have big breasts, I’ve always been like that.”

The new member of the Legislative Assembly would go on on to say that just because she is a member of the assembly, she will not “become another woman.”

She added, “The message has been given.

“Women are in politics and society has to get used to it.

“There are much more important issues for the Legislative Assembly to discuss.”

And to think, the media in the U.S. went nuts when AOC wore red lipstick to her first day in office!


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