(Watch) Sidney Powell Breaks Down the Entire Obamagate


In the wake of General Michael Flynn’s exoneration late last week, his lawyer Sidney Powell appeared Sunday on Fox news to break down the entire “Obamagate” conspiracy. Barack Obama, she insists, played a role in the plot to frame Michael Flynn. It was all part of their failed Deep State coup attempt to overthrow the White House.

Obamagate makes Watergate look like a burglary

According to Michael Flynn’s attorney, the whole Obamagate conspiracy was “orchestrated and set up within the FBI.” It makes the break-in and wiretapping of the the DNC’s offices in the Watergate Hotel, by Nixon’s plumbers, look like the the minor burglary it was. President Barack Obama was involved in treason up to his big round ears.

Testimony recently made public confirms that Obama knew “weeks before” the interview meant to entrap Flynn into lying to the FBI, “that he knew about Flynn’s phone call with Russian Ambassador Sergey Kislyak.” Fox news reports that his statement caught his Attorney General, Sally Yates, completely by surprise.

After that meeting, he ominously asked her to “stay behind.” He wanted James Comey to stick around too. He spelled out explicitly that he was going to maintain his “plausible deniability.” According to the transcript, Obama “specified that he did not want any additional information on the matter.” In other words, don’t tell him a thing which would get him put in jail. With that out of the way, he wanted to know “whether the White House should be treating Flynn any differently.”

Agents Schemed and planned

As part of the Obamagate plot, the agents assigned to persecute General Flynn “specifically schemed and planned with each other how to not tip him off that he was even the person being investigated.” The transcript of James Comey’s testimony, attached to Flynn’s motion to dismiss, confirmed that all they told the National Security Adviser was “we’d like to send a couple agents by to talk to you.” They never mentioned he was a suspect.

As Powell relates, “of course, General Flynn said sure.” He had no reason to treat them as anything but allies. The bureau went out of their way to keep him calm and comfortable. They intentionally didn’t tell him about the law making it a crime to lie when talking to federal agents, “because they didn’t want to trigger the slightest suspicion.” Keeping him “relaxed and unguarded” was a deliberate scheme to “set him up and frame him.”

After the January 5th meeting between Obama, Yates, and Comey, Peter Strzok texted Bill Priestap, suggesting they use the Steele dossier “as a pretext to go interview some people.” They knew every word in it was fake but they didn’t care, as long as it would produce a reaction in someone.

Now that the whole Obamagate scheme has been laid bare, it’s easy to see that the “whole thing was orchestrated and set up within the FBI, Clapper, Brennan, and in the Oval Office meeting that day with President Obama. Was Obama directly involved? “Absolutely.”


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