WATCH: Overseas Activist Sounding The Alarm For America On the Activities of BLM and ANTIFA


After watching this brief interview, it doesn’t take long to realize that overseas activist Elizabeth Rogliani Otaola is someone with a unique background. She grew up in Venezuela, so she definitely has a unique perspective into her analysis. 

Simply put, this overseas activist has a warning for the United States. She believes that they are following in the footsteps of her country, which in the early 90s used to be a paragon of South American democracy and stability.

However, after the cultural revolution that took place there, the country has devolved into what it is now: a socialistic dystopia filled with poverty and disease. 

When Ms. Otaola relives her early days in Venezuela, one of the main things that she wants to get across is that much like the United States today, the activists in her country were not fighting for equal rights even though they might claim they were doing so.

Instead, this overseas activist said that they were fighting a culture war. Sounds like BLM in our country, doesn’t it?  

“Statues came down, street names were changed, the curriculum became different, and it was all because Chavez didn’t want that history displayed,” she said. 

Immediately after that opening salvo, she said this very interesting statement: “You guys say that something like this can never happen to you. I’ve heard that so many times.

But you should always be on guard. Never say that something can never happen to you. You need to be on guard. You need to guard your country and your society or it will be destroyed.” 

As a student of history, Otaola said that the next thing that will happen is that all of the symbols of the United States will be taken down. They will not only go after the statues, but they won’t stop there. They will also begin going after religious symbols and then soon they will even start attacking museums as well. 

Of course, this wasn’t mentioned in the video, but there are already celebrities such as Oprah saying that the only reason we fought the Revolutionary War was because of slavery! Oh brother! Let’s just re-write history, shall we? 

Here’s the rub, folks. Yes, you might have people like Governor Andrew Cuomo saying that this is nothing more than a “healthy expression” but Otaola disagrees with this. “No, this isn’t healthy expression,” she said. “It’s a cultural revolution.” 

If that doesn’t raise the alarm bells for you, then maybe this should. Elizabeth Otaola said that she knows full well that one of the Black Lives Matter founders was actually in Venezuela in 2015 when it was in the middle of its terrible hyperinflation, and the only thing they said was that they were “happy to be in a place of intelligent political discourse.” 

Well, if Venezuela is such a wonderful place, why is it that millions of people will risk injury and even certain death in extreme temperatures just to leave the place! This is the future of our country too if we let these Black Lives Matter activists get their way and disarm the police! We will turn into Venezuela! 




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