WATCH: Michelle Malkin and Other Conservatives Physically Attacked During ‘Back the Blue’ Rally


Antifa type anarchists tried to brutally attack conservative figures including popular right-wing columnist Michelle Malkin. Barbarians wanted to turn the Denver “Back the Blue” rally into a black and blue experience. A violent mob raided the stage during a pro-police gathering and physically attacked the conservatives.

Malkin blames the police

A large mob of Black Lives Matter anarchists attacked Sunday afternoon’s Back the Blue event in Denver, Colorado, with weapons. The stunned police didn’t raise a finger to protect their guests, the journalist criticized. She was surrounded by police, at a pro-police event, and her life was endangered by violent criminals who acted like they own the place. At least one of the juvenile delinquents had a very professional cop style baton and was ready to use it. Malkin ripped Colorado Governor Jared Polis about it on Twitter.

“Are you ok with pro-police patriots being swarmed, targeted and assaulted in a clearly orchestrated attack??? I caught it all on video and recorded the faces of the brutal animals,” she tapped out. Andy Ngo, another conservative columnist added, “@michellemalkin and others were attacked on stage by antifa & BLM militants at a ‘Back the Blue’ rally in Denver, Colo. A masked woman dressed in black bloc readies her collapsible baton.”

As Fox news relates, the anarchists turned out in a “large crowd” to disrupt the pro-police event, “blowing whistles, banging drums and, in some instances, throwing punches, forcing police to intervene.” The intervention wasn’t much. The event was shut down early because of the violence. Malkin was hustled away for her safety.

Sixth annual event

Sunday’s gathering wasn’t a one time only rally prompted by the recent civil unrest. Law Enforcement Appreciation day is an ongoing event that’s happened regularly for six years now. This years Civic Center Park gathering featuring Malkin as a guest speaker was advertised well in advance.

Local attorney Randy Corporon helped put together the “family friendly” rally which offered food and live entertainment, in addition to popular speakers like Michelle Malkin. At the last moment, “Denver Police Chief Paul Pazen had asked him to either reschedule or move the pro-police gathering from its normal location, citing a risk that officers could be put in danger as Black Lives Matter demonstrators planned a counter-protest also at the Civic Center Park.”

Corporon told the chief no way and Malkin agreed when he told her the news. “He was agitated that we’re going to get his officers hurt. My response to him was that he should allow his officers to do their job and if people are down there breaking the law, to stop them. Because they’ll have nothing to fear from us.” He told the gathered crowd, “We’re exercising our constitutional right to peacefully assemble, and we have no intention of giving up that ground to these domestic terrorists. This chief of police is the guy who walked hand-in-hand with Black Lives Matter.”


  1. Another cowardly Marxist Democratic Party politician masquerading as a “police chief” too unprofessionally incompetent to comprehend how to control rioting mobs sides with and encourages Marxist antifa & BLM rioters. Now that the chips are down more are realizing America is paying for allowing Marxists to teach in our universities, Marxists and Muslims sworn to fundamentally change America to run for elected office and making jokes out of election deciding illegal Democratic Party voters.

  2. So the police stood down again even tho they were there to back the police ??? That’s some f#cked up BS . So everyone that took a oaths to protect and serve turned a blind eye on the terrorists in our country ??? I guess we are communist now thanks to them that broke their word to protect and serve . Or is that just for the delusional democrats and their slaves …BLM and wanta be antifa who works for the master . Trump needs to send in the army . Or maybe special forces with orders to kill . thats the only way to deal with these dumb ass’s . Let them know from the get go they will die if they make a stand . We killed on site in ww2 , nam and Iraq but we wont in our own country . Why ??? We got a enemy in our country attacking and our delusional democrats leaders stand with the terrorists atracking in our country . It shames me to have served for my country and now the same government turns their back on me and my brothers and sisters that gave to our country . They have no honor , their soul’s are dead to the light . They walk in the darkness of their lost soul’s . Do you walk with these lost soul’s ???

  3. It is time to take the streets back and leave a trail of broken body’s in our wake. I do not blame the police, but blame the mayor for the violence. I thought we have the right of assemble and to publicly air our grievances.

  4. Sue that Police Chief and everything officer there who failed to do their jobs. They are supposed to PROTECT and SERVE. If they allowed people to be attacked they failed there job and should not be paid.


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