WATCH: Massive Demonstrations Test Secret Service Patience


In the wake of George Floyd’s racially charged murder, professional organizers are spreading the demonstrations nationwide in an attempt to distract everyone’s attention from President Trump’s accomplishments and the growing mountain of Obamagate evidence.

The Secret Service is ready

Violent mobs are in the process of burning and looting Minneapolis, Minnesota to the ground and the instigators have zeroed in on the White House as their best hopes for sparking more violence. The Secret Service didn’t even work up a sweat in the demonstrations on Friday night so they’re raring to go when someone decides to jump a White House fence.

In the nation’s capital, a large demonstration that started by the Reflecting Pool “converged near the White House on Saturday afternoon.” Protesters “pushed back a security barrier” but the Secret Service put a quick stop to the intrusion.

This is a developing story and more details will be provided as they become available.


  1. Only a complete Moron (or collection of them) would attempt to infiltrate the White House grounds. Marine and Secret Service Snipers conveniently blended into the landscape. If they feel you’re a threat, BOOM, you’re dead, and it will be ruled a Justified Lethal Use of Force before your body hits the ME’s table. Stupid Fools!


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