Watch: Gun Fight Breaks Out Amongst Rioters…Proving They Have Lost Their Damn Minds


Gun battles in the park have become the new normal as liberally inflamed chaos spreads from coast-to-coast. Someone caught cell phone video of rioters in Indianapolis, Indiana, who lost their damn minds. It’s not about George Floyd when protesters come armed and start a shootout in the middle of a crowd.

Senseless gun fight confuses both sides

Neither the police nor the activists have an explanation for what happened Saturday night, May 30, in the heart of Indianapolis. The best motivation that either of them can come up with for the impromptu gun fight is the rioters lost their damn minds.

Police Chief Randal Taylor agrees with young activist Malik Muhammad that things aren’t supposed to be this way. They both look at the “shattered storefronts and boarded windows that now dominate popular downtown thoroughfares” and shake their heads over the riots and violence. Two fatal shootings show that the their is more behind what’s going on than what happened in Minnesota.

They differ on a few key issues though. Muhammad insists that the “volleys of tear gas, pepper balls and intimidation” were unprovoked, but the police chief counters that unlike the rioters, “not a single officer discharged a firearm.” Cops showed “restraint” while the looters were “violent” and “selfish.” Mayor Joe Hogsett notes, “the violent behavior of a selfish few last night was not designed to move our nation toward greater equality. There is no just cause that is furthered by pulling a gun and shooting an individual in the middle of our downtown streets.”

A county-wide curfew

The mayor placed his town on a county-wide curfew Sunday, warning that anyone not “traveling to work or seeking medical care and the like,” could be arrested and fined up to $10,000. “There is no just cause that is furthered by destroying the livelihoods of thousands of families, including black families, families who will now find themselves without work due to businesses closed by these violent acts.”

Two men lost their lives in separate gun battles. The first happened around midnight at Vermont and Talbot then another shootout occurred about 2:30 a.m. Sunday at Market and Pennsylvania streets. One arrest was made after the suspect turned himself in.

Overall, nearly 30 people were arrested for crimes related to the fires, fights, and property damage. They’re still trying to total up all the “damage done to businesses, vehicles and city monuments,” Deputy Chief Josh Barker explains. It was “extremely extensive.” This isn’t normal but it keeps happening anyway. “Once more,” the mayor insists, “we awake to a morning defined by unproductive destruction instead of the meaningful dialog our city requires.” Gun battles should not be the new normal.


  1. The rioters are being funded and prompted by sorryazzgeorge and his orgs, along with the DNC and liberal swamp dwellers. Stop the $$ money flow and the riots will end; meanwhile round up every gun/projectile toting scumbag you can find and THROW the entire law book at them. Let them “rot” in Gitmo till HELL freezes over. When I talk about “rioters”, I am NOT talking about “peaceful protesters” who are simply trying to make a national statement; there is a VAST difference between the two.

    • Hope the justice dept. wakes up and starts investigating the money trail and george Soros, then kick his ass out of the country for sedition. I hear Russia would love to get their hands on his Nazi loving a##

    • They have known for years who was funding these riots and looters , they have video of these people from BLM and ANTIFA paying these protestors to throw bottles , Molotov Cocktails , smoke bombs , firecrackers . If the FBI and the intelligence service can’t find out who is doing this , than we are in a sad state of affairs. When Questions are asked of AG Barr , when are you guys going to get a handle on this , when is some action going to be taken. His standard answer is it’s coming , bullshit it’s taken you over three years to get anything accomplished , you know who the people Are we have seen the videos , people handing out money , just grab and arrest , you can hold anybody for 48 hours under investigation. If you can’t handle the problem , then call all military Veterans , in each city who have organizations who can stop all these protests and riots and looters . They have guns and are well prepared to squelch any protestor riot whatever, when they do and people will get hurt , you won’t have to worry about blaming the police, or national Guard , or Federal Agencies . The people handled it and when it happens in the future , just keep calling them up. One more advice after arresting these terrorists , looters arsonists send them to the New Penal colony in the Aleutian Islands , no guards , give them some food and shelter and that’s where they will reside for eternity . If they want to escape go for it , however no help from the outside . Do you know how much money we would save , we could even close prisons instead of feeding and giving health care and. Place to sleep.

  2. … and they want to disband the police. JUst think of the statistics. There are about 300 million gun owners in America. The black population is about 25% of America. witth no police and no law ans order. What would happen with an old western type gun battle and no sheriff? THIS violence needs to stop.

    • This is truly an act of “insurrection” orchestrated by tyrants who hides in the rear of mobs where its safe to conduct the movement of brainless mobs who wish to destroy the United States with total destruction and violence. There is no other choice to stamp out idiots that have nothing better to do than to call out the federal government’s military forces to crush the violent demonstrators. If the violent demonstrators wishes to engage in violence and destruction; they must be prepared to die! American patriots are out to protect and defend property, individual freedoms, and the sovereignty of our nation’s Republic of the United States of America. To the demonstrators I say…. If you want to live under Socialism/Communism, then leave to another part of the world and subject yourselves to slavery.

      USAF (RET)

  3. Who thinks these rioters have a mind?No they have lost that long time ago thanks to the Democrats brain washing poor Blacks

    • Before rioters are able to lose their minds; they first must have a “Brain.” If they had a brain, they wouldn’t be out on the streets demonstrating when we have a court system for justice. Why didn’t they try that first? Because some tyrant saw an opportunity to create violence and destruction with the help of brainless idiots to take to the streets. Also an opportunity for looters to destroy and steal whatever is not theirs.

      USAF (RET)

  4. So, two me lost their lives. Were they black? Were the shooters black? Probably were because it’s not in the article. Interesting…two men are killed, and can’t even blame the police…what a shame for the nationwide false narrative.

  5. We have a Government run by idiots both at the local,state and Federal Level. We have Police Chiefs who can’t even keep order in their own cities , Minneapolis,Seattle,Chicago, New York, Washington DC, Philadelphia,New Jersey Atlanta,GA and Losangeles .Some of them just up and resign , because the mayors who are their bosses have no idea what to do . All of them are totally incompetent, why are they even in these Positions of Authority. We need to elect the right people , however some in the electorate are too apathetic, just dont really care unless they come to their neighborhood. . Why do you think there has been an uptick in families and individuals purchasing weapons for their own safety , because you can’t trust the authorities to do anything about the crime that will continue through the summer . In that incident in Atlanta last night , I would have just let that guy run away with the officers taser. They had his info turn it over to Detectives Let them go and apprehend them. It’s not going to get better folks , so you had better be prepared when the time comes .


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