Watch: God Fearing Citizen Steps Up to the Mic, Puts Officials Right in Their Place


Let’s just cut to the chase here: there are a lot of people who just aren’t buying this mask-wearing stuff right now. Does it really help cut down on the risk of infection, or does it just make things worse? Does it help those who are already infected, or does it just make them sicker because they are breathing in their own germs? 

It’s difficult to say, but one gal in a viral Twitter video is not having any of it, and there are many viewers who are taking her lead and talking how ridiculous they think that wearing these masks actually are. This woman stood up during a town hall gathering, and she really gave the people a big piece of her mind. 

“You literally cannot mandate somebody to wear a mask knowing that it is killing people,” she said. “It literally is killing people.” By that, she must mean that the masks are just making the illness worse and not better. 

The woman also believed that the precautions being taken because of this pandemic had more sinister motives, and she apparently believes that all of her civil liberties are being violated. However, judging by the next comments she uttered, she believes that what goes around comes around. 

“Every single one of you are going to get punished by God!” she exclaims. “It doesn’t matter whether you stand six feet apart, or wear masks, or whatever, you cannot escape God.” She just might have a good point here. 

“Standing six feet apart is military protocol,” she said. “You are training everyone to get scanned, to get their temperatures read, to get ready for the 5G coming out.” 

She also rebuked them, talking about how ironic she felt it was that they opened the meeting with a prayer to God. “God did not hear your prayer,” she said. 

Finally, this commenter called out these people for being a part of the problem and not a part of the cure. “You are a part of the deep state!” she exclaimed. 

Okay, okay, I know what a few of you might be thinking here. Surely this woman is just a right-wing conspiracy theorist, right? I don’t know. I’ll let you be the judge on that. However, I have to say I find it interesting that she talked about the deep state. 

Let me just be honest and level with all you folks. One of my guilty pleasures has to be listening to Rush Limbaugh on the radio every morning, and let me tell you, he said something extremely INTERESTING, that TOTALLY ALIGNS with this woman’s DEEP STATE thinking. He pointed out that the alleged worst numbers of this “pandemic” are coming from most of the swing states that President Trump needs to win for his reelection! 

Well, well, maybe this woman is on to something about this “deep state” stuff. Folks, I don’t have to tell you, that the deep state totally despises Donald Trump. I’m not saying that people aren’t getting sick, but can’t you just totally picture them OVERINFLATING the COVID-19 numbers to make President Trump look bad? I sure wouldn’t put it past them, and that’s about all I have to say. 


  1. God bless you all for sharing this.
    It would be a wise move for the president to.#1 send out a private investigating team to all 50 states and their capitol cities,to into these hospital emergency rooms..with their cell phone camera on..and live stream at one time, to Fox,Real News and directly to twiter, facebook, and all local media outlets, and directly to the Whitehouse.. none stop for one straight week. show the faces of, the over worked emergency doctors, nurse 😱 that way ,the fake news can’t continueit lying .let’s show the world, this thing is more than just a local deep state conspiracy,but global new world oder! let the world see these tens of thousands sick and dying test dummies 🤣 I’ve sent my 2020 no holds barred knockout posts to other need to get this to the president asap!!!! I’m a black independent, God fearing native American 🙏 #2 it’s time to bring,Dr Rashid Buttar Dr Shiva,Dr Judy, Dr Scott and a host of others to face ,the treasonous chameleons, Anthony Fauci Bill Gates and Birix in the Senate in August/2020 it should be televised with all the 50 states and their capitol city hospital Evidence.God bless our president and our leaders who are doing the right thing.🙏 God save AMERICA 🤕

  2. One does wonder if masks are needed or something to use for political reasons to win the up coming election . Like in NYC the governor is seen hugging the mayor with out a mask after all the fuss he made about wearing them . Most Masks aren’t worth the room they take up . Yet they wear them . Does it stop the spread of the virus … who knows , I doubt they do. So is wearing them doing any good ??? Once again … who knows . I wear one cause its better then not wearing one at all . Better to be safe then sorry . If you choose not to wear one , that’s on you . But if you make someone else sick by nother wearing one … then who’s fault is that … should you be charged for doing that when you had the option to wear one but didn’t . It’s better to be safe then sorry or doesn’t your family matter to you ?

    • Ponder this: If masks really work, then how does me not wearing one affect you if you have one on? You should be completely protected. It’s fine if want to believe you will not contract the virus by wearing a mask, but that’s your choice. We should not be forced by the politicians (who know little to nothing) to wear a mask or any other garment.


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