WATCH: Courtroom GOES BALLISTIC After Corrupt Judge Dragged Out of Court By Law Enforcement And Sent To Prison


It’s not too often that you see a courtroom erupt in complete chaos, but that’s exactly what happened recently in a Cincinnati court. A former judge, who had been convicted of using her position to give a break to a family member, was literally dragged out of the courtroom to jail by one of the bailiffs.

Tracie Hunter used to be a juvenile court judge until her 2014 conviction and six-month sentence for unethically passing on information to her brother in regards to one of his job disputes. Needless to say, this wasn’t looked upon too fondly by the first judge in her case, and Tracie Hunter lost her job and was sentenced to the six-month sentence. However, she had been fighting this sentence for six long years.

Apparently, Judge Hunter’s brother, Stephen Hunter, was about to be fired from his youth corrections job after he was accused of assaulting a juvenile offender. Now ex-judge Tracie Hunter illegally shared some information about the young offender with her brother so that he could keep his job, according to a report from the Metro.

It ultimately did no good as Stephen Hunter was still fired from his job. Moreover, prosecutors had a field day with the actions of his sister Tracie, who was found to be improperly demanding documents and passing them to her brother.

Even though Tracie Hunter was first sentenced to six months in prison, the time where she was mandated to report for her sentence had been delayed a number of times until last July, when she was finally mandated by one Judge Dinkelacker to begin her sentence immediately.

Throughout her trial and the lengthy appeals process, Hunter has steadfastly maintained her innocence. She told WLWT the following:


“I did not violate any laws, nor did I secure a public contract. I didn’t do anything to keep the employment of my brother secure. Indeed, he had worked for the court for seven years before I was even elected as a judge. They should drop these ridiculous charges immediately. I believe they are extremely unrighteous and unlawful.”

As the trial wore on, Judge Dinkelacker noted the immense amount of postcards he received calling for him to exonerate Judge Hunter. Indeed, he even received one from the Mayor of Cincinnati himself, John Cranley.

To that end, Hunter’s lawyers say they aren’t done advocating for her. They are even planning a motion to dismiss the case completely against her.

Do you think this was a corrupt judge who got what was coming to her or do you think this woman has been unfairly accused? Let us know!


  1. The “judge” should have calmly cooperated with the bailiffs despite the mob. It’d have done her far more good should she decide to appeal.

  2. She was convicted and apparently has not been exonerated during the appeals process. Send her butt to jail and let her serve her time. She is a criminal!

    • Has anyone noticed that for Blacks it’s OK to commit crimes but must be “exonerated” for any crimes they commit and should NEVER be arrested? This so-called “Black Lives Matter” is being blown out of proportion. It should be “All Lives Matter” and not a special phrase for Blacks only which will end up in “Race Division.” So knock it off! And by the way; did anyone ever noticed that it was the foreign-born illegal alien Muslim communist agent saboteur Barack Hussein Obama II that actually cause division between Whites and Blacks in America?

      And is anyone aware that the government refuses to reveal Barack Hussein Obama II’s sealed records for fear it might upset the Blacks in America. Was anyone aware that Barack Hussein Obama II had two goals to accomplish as a fraudulent U.S. President? Let’s go by the Democratic Party’s bible of their “Communist Rule for Revolution” playbook which Barack Hussein Obama II used as stated in Item 2. “Divide the people into hostile groups by constantly harping on controversial matters of no importance.” Item 6. “Incite unnecessary strikes in vital industries, encourage civil disorders and foster a lenient and soft attitude on the part of government toward such disorders.” (What do you suppose is taking place out there today!?) Item 7. “By spacious argument, cause the breakdown of the old moral virtues – honesty, sobriety, self-restraint, faith in the pledged word, ruggedness.” (Judges have corrupted themselves in America.) Here’s one of the Democrat’s favorite line…. Item 4. “Always preach true democracy, but seize power as fast and as ruthlessly as possible.” Members of the “Democratic Communist Party” (DCP) have a lust and great thirst for absolute power over the United States and the total enslavement of the American people. Read George Orwell’s novel of “1984” for a better picture of the Democrat’s dream for America and it people.

      I have given you all information you should benefit by, and hope you will recognize the truth when it appears right in front of your noses. Good reading and good luck!

      USAF (RET)

      • Very good post. I’ve read 1984 several times. It’s happening as I write. A little late, but happening just the same. Our great country is being demolished big time. If the Liberals/Communists take power in November, I assure you Liberals (except the ones in power) will be jolted awake very fast. Then it will be too late. I am a senior citizen so probably won’t affect me a lot, but my children and grandchildren will. AND IT ABSOLUTELY MAKES ME SICK TO THINK ABOUT IT. Wake up, Wake up, Wake up!!!! If you haven’t read how Socialism/Communism works, I strongly suggest you do some serious studying. However, you may be too lazy to do that. I sure hope not.

        • Susan, I agree 100%. I’m 80 now and I’ve said for the last 10 years that since it has started going down the drain that I’m glad I was born at the right time to see how great it was since 1940. It is going to be bad for this younger bunch.

  3. This proud person maybe did not break any laws written by men, but she did break many of God’s laws where even human judges will be tried and found guilty before God Himself. No, she won’t go to prison, she will ONLY go to hell and then later to the Lake of Fire with the devil himself!

  4. She was convicted, so send her butt to prison and let her sit there while her appeals go through the process. By the time her appeals get to a judge she will have finished her sentence. But she still wont be allowed to be an attorney or a judge anymore so what did she accomplish

  5. Why is it that black people think that their people should not be convicted of the crimes that they committed That is the same reason why they get into fights with police because they think they don’t have to pay for their actions For some unknown reason they think they are exempt because they are black Until this is stopped this will remain a problem for blacks because white people are not going to continue to take their bullshit So it is up to them to get right or you will not like the results that you end with and I do mean end

    • Michael Valgos According to YAHOO, of the 750,000 crimes committed annually in the U.S., 85% are committed by blacks. 15% by whites. Also, the blacks commit 43% against their fellow blacks, 45% against whites and 15% against Hispanics. That says everything.


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