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Watch: Chris Rock Openly Calls for ‘White Kids’ to Be Shot

Chris Rock

They say sometimes the truth is stranger than fiction. Well, apparently in Chris Rock case, this is definitely true. Judging from his latest statements, he is only a comedian for black and not all people.

You see, Chris has some tremendous anti-white tendencies, and here’s what he had to say regarding some of the latest incidents: “We need to live in a world with full equality. Let’s see…how about living in a world where an equal amount of white kids are getting shot each month. How about seeing white mothers on TV, bawling, and they are there with Al Sharpton, and they’re saying things like, ‘Justice for Chad’ or something like that.”

Let’s just conveniently forget that blacks killing each other is much worse than the other scenario could EVER be. However, he went on in his twisted monologue.

“They will call the cop a ‘bad apple’ when he shoots and kills an innocent black man. That’s just a fancy name for a murderer.”

Well yes, Chris, but that doesn’t justify you calling for more white kids to be shot! And don’t say that it’s just your monologue, because advocating killing people isn’t a very good joke, to say the least!

However, according to some of the latest data, apparently Chris is a bit ignorant of the facts.

According to government data, there are actually much more white people that have been killed by police than black people. A 2015 study from the Washington Post showed that 49% of those who were shot and killed by police were white, as compared to 24% are black. Of course, whites are a much larger percentage of the population.

While that study indicates that blacks are just about two times more likely to be shot than white people, there have been Harvard studies where the correlation is much closer.

Either way, you probably should watch this video, and you will soon say that he definitely doesn’t have anything funny to say. Take a look at the 3:10 mark:

“My dad used to say: ‘You can’t beat white people at anything…nothing. But you can knock ’em out.’”
‘In my neighborhood, there’s like 3- 4 black people in my neighborhood in Alpine. It’s me, Gary Sheffield, Mary Jane Blige, Patrick Ewing. Hall of Famer, Hall of Famer, greatest R & B singer of our time. Who lives next to me? What’s the white man next to me? He’s a dentist. He didn’t invent anything, he’s just a dentist. That’s what America is.”

Of course, I don’t really know why he feels the need to denigrate a successful dentist. Seriously, Chris, working on people’s teeth is not as easy as it looks! Not to mention the fact that how do you know his investments haven’t turned out well?

Methinks that Chris Rock should take off his race-baiting goggles and realize that black people just don’t have the monopoly on victimhood that they think they do.

Ask the caucasian woman who flips burgers by day and cleans office buildings by night if she has “white privilege.” I bet she would say no.

Of course, this isn’t the first time that Chris Rock has used some sort of offensive race-baiting in his act. Indeed, about three years ago, he started mocking the Confederate Flag, calling white people “crackers” in the process! And if that weren’t bad enough, he had the chutzpah to call Al Sharpton simply just “MLK with a perm.”

Seriously, if you want to stay away from the race-baiting liberal agenda, you’d better not listen to Chris Rock!

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  1. I used to like this guy….but he is swaying way far too left wing for me now. So Sorry Chris, you just lost a fan, or should I say former fan

    • African American Airlines recently held a conference call where only BLACK people were allowed on the call. I would definitely boycott this airline. They have become the black-face of the airline industry.

    • I liken more and more corporate America getting on the black-band-wagon. Take African American Airlines who want ‘diversity’ and hold conference calls recently with only BLACK people allowed on the call. BOYCOTT AMERICAN AIRLINES.

  2. Chris Rock not funny at all and want to be reverend phony Al Sharpton? They both should stick there heads up each others RECTUM AND DISAPPEAR would be there greatest act…………THANK YOU

  3. Chris Rock has always been somewhat ignorant anyway, so there is no difference in his talk, he has always despised white people. He had better watch out what he wishes for because it could backfire on him.

  4. Chris Rock used to be a funny comedian, now he’s just a racist. I used to enjoy watching him in movies and when he was performing, but will not watch him any more. It’s a shame that he is calling people racist when he is the real racist.

  5. American Airlines HQ recently held a conference call with only black people allowed on the call. Isn’t that being a bit racist?

  6. Chris should stop trying to be funny and just create a carnival act where he grease Sharpton’s head and see how many times someone can cram his head up himself and have a bell that goes off..ding, ding, ding everytime someone is successful. Now, that would be funny, Chris!

  7. Maybe white kids should think anout shooting Chris and his faimlys kids . That way whites won’t have to hear Chris and his family cry about white kids . Damn stupid people think their special and can act and say anything for a laugh . See how funny this is if this happens to you … dumb ass . What happened to Chris … he used to be funny as a stand up . Now he’s not even a stand up guy , yet alone funny . Guess he has to act more black to fit in the black click of the delusional democrats . they might take his black card and leave him nowhere in life . You turned real stupid Chris . Hope your neighbors don’t take a fence to your now kill white kids statement … dumb ass … and you wonder why blacks get the BS they do

  8. Maybe this “rockhead” needs to be kicked in the head to smarten him up?? OR, we can just KICK HIM IN THE WALLET – -boycott his shows, do NOT buy his music and he will soon disappear! The useless pervert needs a personal “shot of reality”!

  9. Chris Rock was a comic genius. I loved the guy. What can I say: brutality, assault and murder are wrong no matter who does it. It is not funny. My heart breaks for anybody who loses a child or family member. This has to stop in Chicago, Baltimore, Detroit, New York and the dozens of other cities where too many people are dying from violence. Shooting people is never funny. Grieving families are not funny.

  10. How times have changed! Some ten or twelve years ago Chris Rock did a brilliant rant called “Black People vs. Niggaz”. Now he’s whining for Whites to be shot — by whom? Black People or “Niggaz”?

  11. Well that moron has a rude awakening heading his way . He needs to be flat out told blacks are a mere 13% of the population of this country and if he wants to see that number dwindle keep on running his mouth in the manner he is doing. He also forgets that blacks kill more blacks than anyone else besides Planned Parenthood.


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