Watch as Tucker Carlson Breaks it All Down


With all eyes on the Kyle Rittenhouse self-defense trial, Tucker Carlson spelled out the details of exactly how the prosecution’s case collapsed. Every day, it’s looking more like the young patriot will be acquitted of all charges and allowed to go on with his life.

Tucker Carlson unleashed

Conservative talking head Tucker Carlson shredded prosecution failures in the Kyle Rittenhouse self-defense trial on his Tuesday broadcast, November 9.

Every “single witness prosecution has called to the stand has made Rittenhouse’s case stronger.” Liberal Mayors across America are bracing for verdict violence.

Avowed communist Gaige Grosskreutz “was supposed to be prosecution’s star witness in this trial but once he got on the stand he admitted that Kyle Rittenhouse only shot him after he pointed a loaded gun in the boy’s face.”

The Second Amendment says “when someone runs up and points a loaded gun in your face you are allowed to shoot them,” Carlson points out. You might as well call it a day, after that kind of testimony.

“That is called self-defense. That is the rule. It has been the rule throughout human history and every society on earth since people lived in human caves.”


“According to the prosecution’s star witness, self-defense is exactly what happened here. So as a matter of law, Gaige Grosskreutz just proved Kyle Rittenhouse acted to defend himself from harm,” Carlson quips. “So, we’re done.”

Then it got weird

As the trial continued, “things got even weirder and much worse for the prosecution.” Not only did Grosskreutz admit on the witness stand that “he was carrying his gun illegally. He had been arrested for felony burglary so his gun permit was invalid.”

That didn’t stop him from suing “the city of Kenosha for $10 million, which for some reason he thought he was owed.” Not only did he fail “to mention the fact that he was carrying a firearm,” He didn’t tell anyone he had been “pointing it in people’s faces.” As Carlson describes, this “trial has been disaster after disaster after disaster for the prosecution.”

A detective blew a prosecution cover-up attempt by admitting “police did not search Gaige Grosskreutz’s phone after the shooting even though they had a valid warrant to do that.” According to Carlson, “prosecution asked authorities not to look through Grosskreutz phone.”

Why would an honest prosecutor ask a cop to ignore potential evidence? “It turned out the prosecutor didn’t want to know what happened that night, he wanted to declare Kyle Rittenhouse a murderer. This is not how American justice is supposed to work.”

Tucker Carlson is happy that “like most webs of deception, it collapsed under scrutiny.” Kyle testified on his own behalf on Wednesday and appeared calm and assured as he told his side of the story.

It’s looking so good for him that across America, liberal cities are bracing for verdict violence. Antifa® is expected to hit the streets looking for vengeance the moment the verdict is read.