WATCH: ANTIFA Goes to Suburbs…Gets the Crap Beat Out of Them By Patriots


Some of the more enterprising Antifa troops decided to take a little field trip out to the suburbs of Yucaipa, California. They quickly learned that their liberal urban antics aren’t welcome there at all. Homeowners there don’t wait for the police to put down their donuts. “They just beat the ever-loving snot out of three or four guys.”

Antifa not welcome in the suburbs

Even in far-left leaning California, Antifa types aren’t welcome in the suburbs. Conservative commentator Todd Starnes posted on twitter about “a small gang of Antifa thugs” who tried to stir up trouble in the suburbs. Starnes reports, they “messed with the wrong town.” Video shows what looks like about half the town beating the juvenile delinquents and chasing them off down the street.

One poster comments on his video that “they just beat the ever-loving snot out of three or four guys.” The Antifa guys, he says, “are not doing well at all here. They’re getting the **** kicked out of them.” One looter had the shirt ripped right off his body and lost a shoe as he was herded across a convenience store parking lot. “Hey homie,” a conservative neighbor called out. “Here’s your shoe, dog.” Whoever held the camera laughed as he noted, “you can’t come to Yucaipa with this ****.”

“Here in my hometown of Yucaipa Ca we deal with our own!” another twitter fan in the suburbs tapped out. “Armed and posted protecting our city. Antifa was ran out of town as quickly as they came in.”

Yucaipa homeowners don’t embrace the violent tactics of the progressive radicals. Once the errant looters turned and ran, they were allowed to fade into the sunset. “We don’t need to follow them, They’ve had enough.” One local observed.

Not in Yucaipa

Radicals might manage to pull stunts like looting and burning in the big city, but Yucaipa “conservatives are not latte-sipping, p*ssy hat-wearing wimps.” Instead, as pointed out by BizpacReview, they are “legal gun owners who will fight to defend their families and homes.” They have had enough of “Democratic mayors and governors” who “refuse to protect them.”

The upstanding families living in the suburbs aren’t afraid to fight for what they built, while New York City residents keep asking where the cops are. Former NYPD Commissioner Bernard Kerik went on record to wave his fist in the air. “New York City is burning! Where are you? Where is the New York state police?”


  1. Let’s be clear! We don’t condone the killing of a subdued suspect! We also see through the “antifa”, fascist, anarchy lies.
    How’s it feel anitfa pukes??

  2. These “domestic terrorists” will have to learn the hard way that people are tired of their crap, and that we’re not going to take it anymore! These Soros funded rabble-rousers are going to be taken care of just like the patriots from years past have eradicated filth and evil – force will meet righteous force! The great thing about it is that most of the modern day patriots have had military training, and I forsee several good ass-whoopin’s before the troublemakers learn that “we ain’t gonna take their crap” anymore – anywhere in America!

  3. Good job … that’s how you stop this crap from taking over our towns . Give them a taste of their own medicine . You saw how they act when the table is turned on them . Once again to californias real Americans … great job of standing up when our appointed officials won’t . I give 2 thums up Americans at its best … now it’s time for the rest of the country to stand up like our true brothers and sisters in California did . That’s how you help to fix our country . I am a vet and a real American , i serve our country and president for the love of our country and freedom . Do you ???

  4. Good for the citizens of Yucaipa, CA. The Antifa thugs should have their asses kicked. They love to gang up on individuals and innocents and it’s time they got a dose of their own medicine.
    Mob rule by democrats and their enforcement arm, Antifa need to be slammed down hard.
    Antifa thugs have no place in Yucaipa, CA or any place else in America.

  5. The patriots of Yucaipa, California shouldn’t have just chased these antifa goons away or allowed them to walk away; they should have chased them down and, at the very least, have beaten them so badly that they would need to be taken to a hospital.
    Do antifa goons ever just chases non-antifa people away??
    If these antifa goons were able to walk away, they were treated WAY too kindly!

  6. Yucaipa, good on you. Watch your homes and neighbors. Antifa will slither in and hurt people and steal in the name of a criminal who was not treated right….. let that sink in. All, these 1 delta ten tangos want is destruction and mayhem. I have tried to be peaceful and honest. I don’t want to hurt any human being or animal. But, I will defend my life and home with everything I have. If Antifa wants to champion truth and fairness, let them accost the criminals and politicians (I repeat myself), who destroy GOD given rights and peoples lives to get their wealth and power. term limits for congress. Laws are for EVERYONE EVEN politicians. Live by the laws of the CONSTITUTION, EVERYONE. God Bless Texas, God Bless America and God Bless President and First Lady Trump. hooyah

  7. To: ANTIFA. ANTIFA are the Fascists. ANTIFA is supported and condoned by the liberal commie Democrats. Don’t venture out too far from your home base. Stay in Portland Oregon and Seattle were they belong. The life they save may be their own. So unless they want to go back to mommy in a pine box, I suggest they stay where they are. Do not venture into N.C. Most of the suburbs are law abiding gun owners. ANTIFA will get more than they bargained for.

  8. They got the crap beat out of them? But I saw no crap; I saw no blood and they were able to walk (run away). Let’s do a better job next time; okay guys?

  9. It does my heart good to see those anarchy idiots get a beat down. It is a shame that no one was able to take their pictures and release them all over social media. That way their friends might get the idea what will happen to them if they show up and want to cause trouble.

  10. The cities and states should protect the citizens and the cops instead of the antif thugs. the politicians should think about the fact that when they finish destroying america, they won’t be safe either, no matter what commie rhetoric they spout.

  11. The No-1 thug who is – at a guess – 100% behind all this is George Soros who pays these thugs to ruin every city and town. Cannot someone PLEASE lock this main THUG up and throw the key away??? But before doing so. give him a dose of his own medicine – beat him up and let him feel what it’s like as he eggs others on to destroy good people and their lives…

  12. Very impressive Yucaipa. Now make sure ya all are register to vote and, vote Red to stop this insanity. We have to re elect Trump and keep the Senate and hopefully get back the house.

  13. When Antifa tries to tell us what we can’t do; do it BIG. Early on; patriots were forbidden to display TRUMP Gear, bumper stickers & car/home signs. Just make a BIGGER sign. So easy; even a “terrified old lady can do it.” No more leftist garbage!


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