BLM Thugs Drag Man From Car, Beat and Leave Him For Dead


Antifa anarchists, dressed in improvised riot gear boldly labeled “security,” dragged an innocent motorist from his truck. Then the Black Lives Matter enforcers beat him senseless and stole his belongings. Recent events in Portland, Oregon, highlight exactly what the rest of America can look forward to if President Donald Trump is defeated.

The irony of antifa anarchists providing ‘security’

Only in the liberal fantasy-land of Portland can Antifa-linked anarchists get away with calling themselves security. Black Lives Matter in Portland but White ones don’t. A White motorist got herded into crashing his truck into a pole and “Security” was conveniently on hand. Not to render aid, but to drag the helpless motorist from his vehicle, beat him into a bleeding and unconscious condition and steal his belongings.

The incident happened Sunday night and the disturbingly graphic details were captured on video by Andy Ngo, a prominent independent journalist who has been covering the violent Antifa antics, embedded with Black Lives Matter on the ground. The victim’s passenger was forced to watch in horror as they pummeled her companion mercilessly into unconsciousness.

Downtown Portland has been under Antifa control for weeks now as the police abandon one precinct after another to lawlessness and chaos. Armed with industrial grade fireworks and powerful green lasers, at least four Portland police officers were permanently blinded by Black Lives Matter mobsters.

Forced to sit and watch

Part of the video before the assault shows the unidentified man as he appears to be explaining how the crash occurred to what he thinks is Antifa security. They make him sit in the street “while others search his vehicle.” When he tries to stand up, the violence starts.


After the man is shoved forcibly to the ground, the Antifa mob, as Ngo tweets, “brutally beat him.” All he was doing was “apparently texting on his phone,” when “one of the rioters who had initially confronted him ran up from behind and kicked him in the side of the head, rendering him unconscious.”

The mob of bystanders went into an immediate frenzy of blood lust, shouting Black Lives Matter slogans as some of the more humanitarian Antifa type rioters “began examining the man.” They weren’t very gentle about it. Meanwhile the undeniably White passenger was “shouting multiple times to call 911 as the man lay bleeding on the street.” Police eventually managed to show up to tow away the mans’ car. Black Lives Matter didn’t like their opposition hauling away their booty so “the crowd started accusing them of ‘protecting white supremacists.'” This is exactly what everyone can look forward too under a Biden administration. Vote carefully.


    • SOS = Shoot On Sight. You see them coming start shooting. We will run out of them real fast. The Corrupt
      (SSDCP) Satanic Socialist Dumbocrap Communist Party Has caused every bit of this and they need ERADICATED form our Government. They are financing these BLM and Antifa, just like Hitler did his Brown shirts. Semper Fi.

  1. The innocent victim driving the truck died from the beating & the kick to the head, the final blow.

    Keese Love, the murderer, should have a short trial. It’s all on video…. DEATH PENALTY!

  2. White Supremacists ANTIFA and Black Supremacists Black Lives Matter are fighting for the soul of America to see who will bow to their terrorism in fear of their leftist progressive rule in our nation.


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